Weird ass dream

So I just a fucking weird dream. It starts off where I'm working at a big cat sanctuary but someone lets all of the tigers, lions, leopards etc. out at my coworkers and I are running around trying to save people from the cats and I got the rest of GOT7 out safely(idk why they were there) but they said JB was trapped back in the lion enclosure so I had to run back there and once I got the lion away from him, I obviously can't speak Korean that well so I just asked him in English "are you okay?" And he just stared at me with wide eyes so I then put up an okay sign with my hand and asked him again and he swallowed hard then nodded and said "yes I'm okay." So I smiled at him and nodded, putting out my hand for him to grab, as he was on the ground, and led him back to GOT7. It was fucking weird. I think I ended up getting hurt by the lion too. I know that Mark and Jackson were trying to convince me to go to the hospital but I don't remember why. I have weird ass dreams..

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