Imagine! #2 😮


You've become close friends with BTS. Always hanging and picking on each other. You even felt like one of the guys. One day you get this note saying "you better stay away from BTS expecially Jungkook" Your confused and scared because you never told anyone about your relationship with BTS and the fact they know you have a crush with Jungkook.

Everytime you leave BTS you get a threat message. "Im warning you, one more incounter with BTS and something horrible will happen." You remember about the plans you made with BTS but your worried ever since that last message you got. *5 mins before you meet them* "Jungkook I can't make it to hang with you guys tonight something came up." he replied "okay I'll tell the guys... maybe some other time" You sigh.

It's been a while since you've been to the beach, its the same one where you hung out with BTS and secretly ran away with Jungkook.. You feel your phone vibrate.. it's Jungkook "hey when are we going to hang it's been forever". You look at the message but ignore it ... while sitting there look at the ocean BTS's song Dead Leaves (고엽) comes on your ipod... you had this urge to see themn but you then remember the threats. you start tearing up....

"Hey!" you hear someone yell. you look behind you and see BTS walking to you. "Why are you here crying?" You cover your face.. "I'm not crying" Jungkook grabs your face "Yes you are" you turn red.... "it's not good to hang out anymore" They look at you and next thing you know....

They all hug you... You fall over... "It's not safe you yell" They laugh and say "we know all about the threats you've been getting, we're sorry! We took care of it though" You tear up again and hug them all in happiness!


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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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