I DO NOT Need Another Bias!!!

Seriously Folks. I was doing just fine keeping my BIGBANG bias list organized. Really, I was. I had them all line up in a neat, little row. And next to them I had my 2ne1 bias. And they were happy. And I was happy that they were happy. And we all got along, like a big happy, YG family.

And then I clicked on a card and participated in a challenge and that forced me to watch a video... But I didn't stop there. No, how could I? So I watched another video. Harmless, right? I should have known better... and yet I clicked on another video... and then another and another... Now, it's 24 hours later and I have not one, but two new bias'!!! What have I done? WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?!?!?!?



I didn't even know I needed you in my life! Why are you so pretty? I watch you perform and I think it's your lips I'm drawn to. Then I realize it's the shape of your eyes, then it's your teeth, then your eyebrows and the curve of your nose. And then I close my eyes and realize it's your voice. Dammit Chen! Why you gotta do that to me?



I feel It's possible I have subconsciously tried to resist you for some time now. But then I watched this:

Now, there is no turning back. You have charmed your way into my heart. Why must you be so adorable?

Two new bias' in just 1 day! Seriously, Vingle Fam, what is wrong with me????

Oh yeah, I'm a Kpop fangirl... derp.

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