My Travel Catalogue #8 - Paris: Jardin du Luxembourg

From personal travel journal: "Winter sun is what comes suddenly and unannounced, after such long haunted days of no light. It is the world showing itself in a different skin, and the heart heaving a long sigh of nostalgia for the warmth of autumn, as if happy days are in store again, and the pervasive melancholy is no longer. Even the usually filthy pigeons take on an air of elegance, dancing with the wind in mid-flight, while you’re blinded by the water that blinks the color of crystal chalices and cheap red wine, and somewhere, someone is playing a bluesy chord, that sounds just like chasing skinny kites on endless summer days. It is days like this that make it worthwhile, that make you want to write eighth grade poetry and pretentious prose, filled with all those misspellings and imperfections, just to try to express how much there is in this world that makes you feel, and want to remember."

Lover of abandoned things, unlikely places, and small people who somehow still make a difference.
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