Spring is here in Seoul

Spring is finally here in Seoul. It is still quite cold a little outside, but cherry is alread blossom. Last weekend, the cherry blossom festival already opened in Yeoido island. If you have a chance to visit Seoul, do not miss this festival. You would have opportunity to see the cherry blossom, as well as Koreans go out, and enjoy the Spring season. As well, in some corner, you would find some indie small band, are playing music. I was impressed by their talent :)! The weather is still a bit chlly at night at this time, so remember to bring an extra jumper for you or at least for your beloved one ;)

"For a loser now, will be later to win" - called me Tapsa, it is my Finnish name, but I am a Vietnamese guy, who are living in Seoul at the moment. Follow me on Instagram @tapsamai
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