Curlific by Aphogee

Textured hair wash: contains quinoa proteins for detangling and my favorite feature is that it is color safe. So ï applied this a little differently. I applied it in sections and made sure to focus on each curl. This hair wash feels like a standard shampoo really sudsy but it cleansed my hair very well. I felt like each of my strands were cleansed thoroughly. Overall it was a good buy Texture treatment; improves elasticity repairs damaged curls,coils,waves I LOVEEEEE this product!!! I feel like my curls have been resurrected. They are so defined and springy which ï have been lacking because of using bleach. I feel like ï have a new start in a sense. lol I have used these products 2 times and im in love ï use this weekly. This whole brand each of their products restore your ph so it's high in proteins, so if your hair is protein sensitive ï would not recommend it. This is my first time using any of aphogee's products in my hair and im very satisfied. These were bought at sallys with my own money ï have a student card so it was about $7.50 each but normally they are about $10. I've used these products in an effort to restore my curls for my big chop! I've decided to not hold on to my length because every few months ï have been cutting my hair anyway so why not cut it. I hope ï don't chicken out. I have had short hair before ï loved it but ï was also relaxed so it was little to do. Lets hope ï don't have to wear a hat everyday!! Anyway when ï do it ï will make sure to post some pics.

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