LoveBug Challenge

1) Selfie!

Hello all! Have my green hair! Anyway, some stuff about me? I'm 21, from Texas and a fabulous fkn kpopper


2) Dream Crush

I don't think I really have one but if I have to choose, probably RapMon. I read lots of books but no one sticks out to me there and I watch tons of movies but again no character sticks out.

3) Current Status

I'm married, we celebrated our 1yr anniversary last month. He hates my kpop obsession


4) Most Romantic Memory

When me and the hubs were just a few months into dating we broke up because of something really stupid that I did and how rash his response to my action was. We were both wrong for it. After a week of absolutely no talking, he sent me a text saying he'd be at my house in a few (he'd been working out of town for about a month at that point) but I was asleep and didn't get it. I'd worked a night shift and was sleeping in that day, completely worn out and not having work that night. He comes barging into my room, with all my favorites. A bouquet of orange roses, a pound of freaking Hershey chocolate, my favorite drink (watermelon Arizona fruit juice) and a bag of McDonald's cheese burgers (our first date, we were running late to our movie and I told him to just grab McDonald's so it became a joke between us) He apologized for his reaction and I apologized for mine, we made up and a year later we were married.


5) Perfect Partner

Gotta make me laugh That's it, if you can not make me genuinely laugh then it's a no go.

Original Card

I'm a fkn fabulous Kpopper ♥ Also a terrible person ☆
4.7 Star App Store Review!***uke
The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
Love Love LOVE

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