pen pals!

hey guys! so as some of you know, I am planning a trip to south Korea when I graduate highschool (2017). I thought it would be a fun idea to find a pen pal from korea!

all I would ask from a pen pal is the following; 1. please write back. plz.

2. you don't have to send me anything, just a letter once and a while 3. actually be from or live in south korea

4. speak English cuz my korean sucks hella bad right now

and 5. accept my weirdness cuz I'm a complete weirdo sorry

I know it's like so much simpler to just message people from around the world with today's technology, but I love the idea of "doing it the old fashioned way" it seems more personal to me. Idk I'm weird haha.

if you are interested in being pen pals please message me on facebook: that's all for now. I'll be posting a korea update soon. bye bye.

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