Lovebug Challenge


Sorry for putting my ugly face on your screen, anyways I'm Chyona(pronounced Chee-on-uh) and I am a 14 year old kpop fan.


Dream Crush

Well this was a difficult decision but I would have to say my dream crush would have to be J-Hope.

I mean first off just look at him, second he is so funny and humor would have to be the key to my heart. He can rap so well and I just love hearing his voice.

Current Status

Married to J-Hope(jk) I'm single AF. I can't find anyone to love me :( but like I said I'm too ugly.

Most Romantic Memory

Um, I never had a romantic memory... People don't seem to love me. I know I know I have a very sad life.


My ideal Type

My ideal type would have to be someone with a great sense of humor. I need someone to keep me laughing because I seem to be a very sad person. Someone who is kind, someone who loves me for me and not just my looks but personality. Someone that can cook(because I can't, at least not right now), and someone who is smart. If I need to sum it all up I would say all the its members combined.

Thank you@LexTay327 for tagging me! I tag@RainaC3@CarleB@kpopandkimchi@Helixx@thePinkPrincess

I am a African-American girl who wants to be in a kpop group! xD Gotta go look for jimins Jams
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