Korean Alphabet Series: ㅡ

[Regularly, the Korean Alphabet is organized in 한글, or hangul. But in this case, I'm going through them by the order on the keyboard. Also, if I make a mistake, don't be afraid to comment! Before you 'report' this card: don't worry--I know the alphabet series isn't K-Pop related but it'll soon be. I'm still going over the alphabet :)]

Welcome again!

Today we have this letter... "ㅡ".

It looks like a horizontal line--

In Japanese/Chinese, it looks a lot like 'one', or "一”. However, in this case, it doesn't sound like the word you know; instead, it sounds like "eu"!


사랑하는 은동아 (Sa-rang-hae-neun Eun-Dong-Ah)

I seriously LOVED this drama!!! It was soooo good!

If you haven't yet, definitely watch it! (JR from Got7 was in it too :3)


은혁 (Eun-hyuk)

From Super Junior! I hope he's doing good!


이지은 (I-Jiyun) (IU)

은 (Yun)

(I know this one's pretty random, but) SILVER!

It appears to be popular in names (IU, Eunhyuk), so I looked it up by itself... turns out it had a definition, and it means silver!


(World-famous 엔's stank face!)

What do you think of this new type of card?

I tried to incorporate more K-Pop things as the past cards weren't very related to K-Pop.

Tell me if you want to be tagged on this series!

I rarely heart cards: if I do, you're special 🤗
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