The BTS Moments: Long Night: A Namjoon Smut *Warning*

This story is part one from my Namjoon series on Wattpad (JiminYouGotNoFiction) Enjoy~! *P.S. I'm not b responsible for any feels, 'excitedness', or deaths during this 'fic'* ******************************************* "Joonie!" You called your boyfriend from the kitchen. You two had just moved in together a few months ago and you both enjoyed every moment of it. "Joonie!" You called once more only to be answered with a small hum of acknowledgement from behind you. You turned around to face him with a hand on your hip. "I though it was your night to wash the dishes?" You said with a raised eye brow, hand still in place. He just put that stupid dimpled face smile of his and replied, "Cover for me baby?" He wiggled his eyebrows and gave a small smirk. Normally you would give in to his little act but today you felt like shaking things up a bit. "No." You turned away poking out your bottom lip and crossed your arms pouting. "Please baby ill make it up to you.." he whispered before he snaked his strong arms around your midsection and planted a small kiss on your neck. "I said no. It's your turn this time." You said as you somehow broke free of his grip. "But baaaby~" he whined. You just ignored him as you headed to the fridge to grab some strawberries, your favorite. You placed them on the counter and headed for the cabinet to grab the whipped cream. Meanwhile, your lover was busy muttering to himself as he began to finally start on the dishes. You just giggled at how his cool guy behaviour turned into something more childish. You were still smiling as you hopped onto the counter and watched the very rare scene of your boyfriend doing the dishes. You popped a few strawberries into your mouth one at a time, spraying whipped cream into your mouth. You did this a number of times until, "Done." Namjoon said as he stretched his arms. "Good boy." You smirked as your legs dangled over the edge of the counter. You reached for the whipped cream but it was swiftly stolen from you by Joon boy. "Hey!" You tried reaching for it but he only held it above his head making it hard to get. You whined. Even with you being on the counter, he still managed to be taller than you. He just laughed at you and teased you more. "C'mon shorty!" He chuckled as you two somehow managed to get closer to each other. Your chin was now leveled with Namjoon's chest. As you still struggled to grab the cream. You had your eyes on the prize, but soon your lips were captured into a kiss. Your eyes widened but you soon returned the kiss. You felt his plump lips break into a smile as he pulled you closer to him one handed. You both smiled at each other like idiots until you made your move. "Got it!" You swiped the can out of his now loosened fingers and made a break for it. "Hey!" shouted as he chased after you. "(Y/N)!" You laughed as you made your way into the living room and hid behind the couch. He saw you but pretended he didn't. He whistled and started "walking" away. Or so you thought. When you thought the coast was clear, you thought you would make a break for it. "Got cha!" Namjoon popped out from behind the door frame and caught you in his arms. You both laughed at how childish you both were being and smiled at each other. Then, the kiss. His lips were so soft pressed against yours. The whipped cream was out of the equation now as you let it drop to the floor. You wrapped your arms around Namjoon's neck as he did the same to your waist. He smiled down at you before picking you up bridal style. You giggled as he gave you that dimpled smile once again. He laid you down on the couch and you looked up at him. "Baby, what are doing?" "Punishing you." He began to kiss behind your ear, nibbling it a little. "For what?" You tried to sound innocent but failed miserably when you saw his monotone expression. "Don't act innocent." He continued along with his 'punishment' as he was now kissing your neck. He sucked at your most sensitive spots. You let out a few soft moans as you tilted your head back. "Oh baby..." he whispered against your skin. "You know I love when you moan." He started to take off your shirt and kiss down your stomach. "Mmm...Namjoon..." he started going lower. This was making you, let's just say, excited. You were grateful that all you were wearing was his sweatshirt and underwear. You really wanted this now. You watched as he went in between your legs kissing your inner thighs. You arched your back as you felt his soft lips make contact. He made his way back up to the hem of your underwear and he pulled them down your thighs by his teeth. He looked up at you with a simple smirk before making his way to your private party. He made all the right moves with his tongue. He would go fast in some places, then slower in others. He knew exactly what turned you on the most. He swirled his tongue ever so gently around your secret spot which made you moan loud. You felt a tight feeling in your stomach as you were about to come to an end. "Namjoon..ah...close!..." You cried just before releasing. Your chest rose up and down as you tried to catch your breath. Namjoon licked up every ounce of your sweet juices. You gave a small giggle as he moved to your lips, giving them a peck. He then smiled with that damn dimple. "What?" You asked tilting your head. "It's just cute how you think your punishment is over." His smile disappeared into a smoldering look of desire. Your eyes widened at his new look and you just froze. This was going to be one hell of a night.

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