I'm a Manager? ㅇBTS Pathsㅇ Part 4

It's been a few weeks since his confession, and me and Y/RM have been dating in secret. It's not fun having to hide our relationship but what good is it if the public knew that he was dating his manager. Not some idol out there that was ten times more gorgeous. Ugh. Just the thought of it completely made you feel depressed. "Whatever. I'm prepared for whatever happens. I love him and he loves me. That's all I need," you think to yourself as you get up from bed. Today it was another photo shoot but the concept was a date. And if the concept wasn't bad enough, each member had to pose with a model by their side. It's showbiz. Can't stop it. Can't control it. You slowly drag yourself to get dressed, not wanting to see anyone posing with Y/RM. But it made you wonder. Were you the only one in this relationship? Even though he confessed his love to you, and you've been out together for a bit (Well by out it meant getting groceries and stuff for the house). You didn't feel the love was mutual, but you knew it was at the same time. He just couldn't show his love to you out in public or hardly ever. Having him relay his emotions to you was enough and it was tough because he was watched by the members in the house and watched by the public outside the home. You just had to deal with it. -After a few hours* "Position yourself like this. Good. Now hold her hand and smile. Smile like you're having the best time of your life," the photographer says giving orders to the model and Y/RM. You couldn't help but stare at the model. She was completely gorgeous, but you were a potato. "Nah I'm a flipping gorgeous potato," you think to yourself. But as their time on screen continues you can't stand looking at them together and decide to grab a drink from a vending machine. After choosing your choice, you bend down to get your drink and immediately regret it. The pain in your legs hurt so badly that you couldn't get up anymore. Yesterday the boys had been messing around during dance practice so you all got the punishment of 100 squats. The boys were fine but you didn't work out so you felt broken everywhere. But you couldn't stay the same position you were. You looked like a constipated person struggling to pick yourself up. And when you finally manage to get up, you hear someone giggling from behind you. You turn around embarrassed and are face to face with a gorgeous guy. "Hey names Alexander. Call me Alex," he says trying to control his laughter. He spoke perfect English and it took you a few minutes to contemplate everything and speak. "Hi I'm Y/N," you smile as you shake hands. "I hear you're the new BTS Manager and I was running around looking all over for you. I'm the fill in mana-" You're suddenly pulled away from your conversation. You look up to see Y/RM grabbing your hand and dragging you away, making as much distance as he can between you and Alex. "Uh...Y/RM? What did you do? I was talking to Alex." "Oh so now you guys are friends, are you," he mocks. You didn't like it. His tone and his actions were too forceful. He could model with a girl but I can't talk with a guy. "Hey," you jerk your hand from his, "stop it. I'm not a little kid to be dragged around." "But Y/N you were smiling at him. I didn't want him to see that," he whined. "What should I have done, glared at him? He was going to say something and I never got to hear. And then don't start the I don't want him to see that. You were smiling at the model and laughing." "Im sorry. I never wanted to but I had to. You know the protocol. You're my only Y/N. Plus I wanted to make you smile before he did. I was going to go out with you somewhere special because today I told the boys about us," he stops looking in your eyes. "Wait you told them about us and they didn't freak?" "No. Mostly because me looking at you all the time gave us away," he sighed dramatically. "Now are you available to go out with me tonight?" "Of course I am," you say without any hesitation. "Great," he says as leans he leans in towards you, and presses his lips against yours. Shoot. I was supposed to be a bit more mad, but I give in. Oh well, I can't help but love him. ------------- "Wow it's so beautiful out here," you say in awe looking up at the lights while walking down the street. "Y/N we've walked on this street before when we bought the groceries before. What's so amazing about it?" "Uh. First reason is because we're not buying groceries and second reason is because the streets are fully lit up," you smile at him. "Wait. Hold up. Aren't you forgetting something? Like I'm going out with Y/RM? Shouldn't that be the first reason?" "Oh so now walking down with you now on this street isn't different than buying groceries with you," you tease him. "Yah," he says trying to hide his red cheeks. "You might get lost so let me hold your hand," he says not looking at you. "I'm not a kid Y/RM. I won't get lost," you tease trying to get him to confess. "Aiiiisshhhhh fine. It's cold and this is our first official date," he says grabbing your hand and stuffing it into his coat not letting go. As you near the destination, he runs in front of your view so you can't see anything. "Y/N close your eyes." You giggle wondering what could be in store for you. Below are the answers to your choices:

Lit Up Rooftop Dinner

Night Carnival

Picnic In the Park

4. Movie Reserved For Two

Night Stroll At The Beach

Ice Skating Rink

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