Official Lovebug Challenge: Wie Miran Version

1.) Selfie! I decide to upload mostly pictures of me sans makeup which it turns out are mostly taken when I'm at the gym. Except for the last one, which shows off my "signature look" which is neutral eyes and bold lip.

I've seen other people do this and they also talked about themselves in this section? So Annyeonghaseyo? Jeoneun Wie Miran-imnida. Cheoeum boepgesseumnida. I am Md Whitworth (Wie Miran) and I am a student studying physics. I don't really know what else to put here so if there's anything you want to know just ask ^_^

2.) Dream Crush. So I really didn't know what to put here because I don't really know what my dream crush is. So I decided to put Jung Ji Hoon (Bi/Rain) because he's the reason I got into K-pop and subsequently K-dramas. I originally saw him years ago in "Ninja Assassin" and I really liked him in it. I tried to look up more things that he was in but the internet wasn't like it is now. I didn't have access to any of his music or any of his other works as an actor. A couple years ago I was watching "Ninja Assassin" again and I did some research again. And I fell hopelessly down a rabbit hole into another world and another culture and I haven't looked back since. So even though I'm a hardcore ARMY and a part-time EXO-L I will always be an ultimate fangirl for the charming, charismatic, talented (and super hot), Jung Ji Hoon.

3.) Current Status: From what other people are posting I'm guessing this is relationship status? I don't really have a relationship status. I'm not currently in a romantic relationship though. I don't really have hard lines with any of my relationships, romantic or otherwise. (Image Credit:

4.)Most romantic memory or story: My former best friend and I were laying on the beach at night looking at the stars. The moon was full and everything had this really surreal glow about it. He was laying against the sand and I was laying perpendicular to him with my head on his chest. There was a moment where we were looking at one another and I suddenly realized that I was hopelessly head over heels in love with him. It was just one of those "Ah, there you are. My soulmate." *IF YOU ONLY WANT THE ROMANTIC MOMENT THEN STOP READING* We decided to start dating around that time. I intended to recreate the event a year later, to tell him that it was the moment I realized I was in love with him, and propose to him. But the bastard left me for his best-friends sister in law, so fuck him. (Image Credit:

5.)What do you look for in a partner: To be honest I don't really look for a partner. I've pretty much fallen into relationships (To include one time my significant other had to inform me we were dating. It went a something like this: "This is my girlfriend..." "Wait, I'm your girlfriend?" "Yes you're my girlfriend." "Oh, word."). I can't think of any similarities in any of the people that I've dated. I really just sort of go with the flow and if I find a person that I like then my brain and heart go "Yep, this one, we like this one, go say hey"

I'm not really fond of these types of challenges but I needed to waste some time. I know a lot of people take these quite seriously so I hope my lack of effort towards it doesn't offend. I mean no disrespect to your interests, I just don't share them. I also don't have anyone to tag so I've just tagged@KellyOConnor back lol.


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