I Do: Lamb Chops

Serve five-star rating lamb chops for your wedding guests! Before you turn your nose up, keep in mind, these can be prepared in a large variety of ways: traditional lamb chops with mint sauce, tandoori-style lamb chops with northern Indian spices, or even Tunisian Spiced Lamb Chops with Swiss or Rainbow Chard. And this is just the beginning!

The trick is to find a caterer that isn't a do-all-things foodie. You want a caterer that specializes in all things meat. That doesn't mean your local caterer can't handle chops. You just want to make sure that the meat is cooked EXPERTLY and that the flavor profile isn't reminiscent of last week's oven.

What are some of your favorite meats that you'd serve or like to serve at the wedding? I have to say, personally, I am so over chicken I could spit fire! It's just so over done! I'll take the fish or the beef option any day over the chicken!

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