Miss Colombia Still Isn't Over Miss Universe Flub

Time will hopefully heal this situation...

As everyone already knows, Steve Harvey made the biggest mistake on live television that one could possibly make, he crowned the wrong winner of Miss Universe. Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, was awkwardly told to remove the crown to hand over to Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, the rightful winner. The mistake was so shockingly awkward that it's been trending for over 24 hours on Twitter worldwide. Harvey has made public apologies for his very human error however the damage has already been done.

Miss Philippines, Wurtzbach, has made a note that her winning was very untraditional and something that could only happen in 2015. However though she feels bad of the circumstances, she too wanted to win so she's only so sympathetic. Miss Colombia, Gutierrez, on the other hand wiping away tears only made positive comments and handled the entire situation gracefully. However, on social media, she shows a different story.

All Miss Colombia can do is hold her head up high and move on.

Miss Colombia wiping away tears after an unfortunate reversal of events.

Miss Colombia stating "Forever your Miss Universe" while commenting on how the few moments of winning will forever be remembered.

"The Queen Anyway"

Even Colombian actress Sophia Vergara instagrammed "The Queen Anyway" with a rose emoji showing her support for Miss Colombia.

But in the end, Congratulations to Miss Philippines!

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