Lovebug Challenge

1.) SELFIE I'm 17 years old, last school year of high school✌🏼️ I'm Mexican🇲🇽and proud!! I live in California 💙

2.)DREAM CRUSH My bias Kim Nam Joon💙😍 He's just so smart and tall and his dimples are just so adorable 😍 and when he talks in English he just captivates me💖 he himself just captivates me ❣

3.) CURRENT STATUS I'm currently taken in a 1yr. 8 month relationship so far🙏🏼 I'm incredibly in love lol even though he drives me nuts like super lol I have to deal with a person with 2 personalities buts it's okay I can handle him because he can handle my crazy Mexican woman side lol

4.) MOST ROMANTIC STORY ohhhhh gosh I have many lol one will probably be my first kiss with my boyfriend💖 We went camping with some friends at a lake it was already night and he asked me if I wanted to go on a boat ride cause we brought a boat with us so I agreed upon this ( this was already like a month into our relationship, he was the shy type of guys) as we rode the boat onto the middle of the lake it was such a beautiful night as well like hella stars were out so that made it even more romantic so I was dazing onto the stars then he asked me what I was thinking and I told him that this night was incredible then he said I know what can make it better lol so that's when he went in for our first kiss lol (Actual Pic of the lake)🌌

5.)PERFECT GUY well I feel like I already found him but I do wish he was more positive and happy all the time because I love happy/positive people. As well I wish he can be more understanding to my music and wants to go traveling with me like more adventurous ✈️🗼 (Seoul)

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