Deck the Halls: My Christmas Presents From Kou & Homura

It's time for the next installment of Deck the Halls with Anime :) Big thanks to my friends who have been doing this with me --@Alletaire@TreverMoon@Captpeter@JosephMcCune and@FunnyChizBones!!! It's been fun so far, right?

Today's question: What gift do you want to receive from an anime character?

I'm gonna pick two. One practical, and one totally ridiculous. XD


Practical: I want Kou to give me his scarf.

It's cold, I need a new scarf, I like his. Easy enough, no? I wouldn't look nearly as good in it as he does in his, but hey! I'd probably smell like him and I have a feeling that'd smell great. Nowwwww this is getting weird XD.

Not-so-practical: I want Homura's shield!!!!

I'm not going to go into WHY because that would be spoiler crazy, but having this shield in my life would just make it so, so much more interesting, and it looks really bad ass XD

So what gift would you want to receive from an anime character?

Tagging some friends I haven't heard from before for this challenge^-^


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