KPOP Family pt 2

Hello! This is my second installment of my KPOP Family because again I'm very bored and havent posted something in a while.It's always fun to be on here so.... Yeah.

So my Third kpop family is BTS. They all are very upbeat and fun. Rap Mon and Suga remind me alot of my two best friends so I think I would get along with them pretty well. The one I think I would probably look up to the most is Jimin. First of all because he's one of my favorites so, duh. Secondly is an actual reason. One thing I do alot is sing and in terms of like vocal range, mine and his are pretty similar so I would like to have him arpund so he could give me some tips on how to get better.

So thats it. I might do another one but I also feel like this is boring you guys. Who knows. I'll probably only do it when I'm bored. Comment who you would look up to in any band and what you think. Like and Subscribe! Wait... This isn't YouTube...... Anyways. BYE!!!!✌✌✌

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