Ultimate battle Shadow vs Nazo Seelkadom and Mephilis.

Shadow recently received a message from tails stating this "SHADOW please help us knuckles is uncontious silver dissapeared and Sonic's dead! There's no time to explain, Nazo, seelkadom, and mephiles have returned. I don't know how long we can hold this keep ourselves from being detected. PLZ COME HELP US!!!" 2 emeralds in hand shadow rushes towards Angel island to the aid of his comerades. will his super transformation be enough to stop the 3 fiends? does he have some hidden power that even without his restraint rings will he be able to access? find out in the hidden series of Shadow The Hedgehog: The Rebirth Of Doomsday

PLZ comment wat u want to happen in the story

I'm an otaku gamer/ warrior who places his friends before his problems. Because if a friend needs me, I'll be there.
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