Heartbreaking Second Leads Why can't they ever win!?


Even though I KNOW it is hopeless, I can't help but cheer for the "other guy" to win the girl in Romantic K Dramas @kpopandkimchi - Drama December) and there usually comes at least one point in the show where I am yelling at the girl, "JUST PICK HIM! STOP BREAKING HIS HEART!!"

Here are some of my favorite wounded babies..

Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Hong Gi - You're Beautiful (they both broke made me cry)


Kim Hyun Joong - Boys Over Flowers (what does Gyu Jun Pyo have that Yoon Ji Hoo don't?)

Seo In Guk - Master's Sun (can't she see how protective and caring he is?!)

Kim Ji Hoon - Flower Boy Next Door (he loved her the longest and was being so patient in waiting for her!)

Yoo Yeon Seok - Reply 1994 (And please, how can you not love him?)

And this may have been the cruelest second lead syndrome trick ever! Ji Sung as Shin Se Gi - Kill Me Heal Me. I actually felt so sad for him not winning the girl... but he actually did win the girl as Cha Do Hyun ... talk about confusing emotions!!

What about you K Drama people? Do you suffer from SLS (second lead syndrome) like I do?

Who have you cheered for to "get the girl?"

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