NFL Pro Bowl rosters released!

The NFL has released the rosters for the 2016 Pro Bowl!

Regardless of your feelings on the Pro Bowl (I personally never watch it and think it's just asking for players to get injured unnecessarily), it is always fun to see who has been selected.

Just like last year, when the league abandoned the standard NFC vs. AFC format in favor of a draft, this year's teams will be drafted by Jerry Rice and Michael Irving before the game. That's a pretty cool concept, if you ask me!

This leads to a huge number of players selected and it's pretty hard to make sense of the whole roster. I'll pick out some highlights:


It's no surprise that Cam Newton led all players in votes, alongside Tom Brady. Those two are almost sure to be the starting QBs for their teams. Carson Palmer could challenge Brady for the other starting QB, but I bet Tom takes it due to his reputation.

Running Back

The running backs are led by Adrian Peterson and Devonta Freeman, easily the two best RBs in the league this year. The other top players selected include rookie Todd Gurley and surprising comeback player Doug Martin, who was great a few years ago but has struggled until this year. It's nice to see him playing well again for Tampa Bay, and he deserves to be in the Pro Bowl.

Wide Receiver

No real surprises here, as all the normal cast of characters are present: Odell Beckham, Calvin Johnson, Antonio Brown and more. The biggest surprise is probably Brandon Marshall, who most figured was too old to have a good season with the Jets, but Marshall has dialed back the clock and looks like one of the league's best again. He definitely deserves the honor.

Defensive End

Of course JJ Watt makes the roster! And he's almost sure to be the first defensive player selected in the fantasy draft. Watt has only improved his reputation as the league's best defensive player this season playing for Houston. He's joined in the Pro Bowl by Ziggy Ansah, Mohammad Wilkerson, and others.


One of the most important players on one of the league's most feared defenses is Bobby Wagner, who thoroughly deserves his Pro Bowl selection. He'll be one of the top linebackers selected for sure, though others fighting for that honor will be Jamie Collins of the Patriots and NaVorro Bowman of the 49ers, who is having a great season on a terrible team.


Chiefs rookie CB Marcus Peters has been a total stud this season and will join RB Gurley as one of the rookies in the game. He is deserving of his place and will be a superstar for years and years to come. Other notable corners selected include Patrick Peterson, Josh Norman, Darrelle Revis and, of course, Richard Sherman.

Are you looking forward to the Pro Bowl? Does the game catch your attention at all with the new format of the fantasy draft? Who is the biggest snub on this year's roster?



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