Our Strange Stares [Part 4 continued]

JACKSON: In the morning i woke up and noticed Mark getting dressed up. "Oh, you're awake!, finally!. I'm gonna go make us something". He said. Before he left (i was still half asleep), i took him into my arms and gave him a sweet soft kiss and then i went back to bed. MARK: Jackson passed out again after we kissed and i couldn't contain my laughter. When i went down stairs i noticed that my parents were there, i had forgotten that i gave them a key. "Mark, who were you talking to?, sounded like a guy." My mom asks. I can't let them know, not until the perfect time comes. "I...... was talking to myself, i do that sometimes.". i said hesitating. "Are you ok?..... whatever i'm sure you're just sleepy. Anyways, we came to take a look at your new apartment (walking towards the stairs)." . "OMMA!..... ummm, it's not finished yet, maybe you can come when i tell you its done and then you can see it!". " Adeul! (son), are you sure you're ok?, you're sweating!". "I'm fine". I pushed them opening the door and closed them. I leaned to the door thinking about how crazy i am. Jackson came down the stairs while putting on a t-shirt. "Yah, what's wrong?, you look pale". "My parents..... they were here just a few minutes ago". "What did they want?!". He asked nervously. "They wanted to see the apartment, i couldn't let them see my room, not you. Not until the right time." I said about to cry. Jackson stares at me with wide opened eyes. "Babe, listen it doesn't matter if they find out about us, the thing is that at least they will know and you will live without worrying about telling them". he says. " You don't understand, is my mom i'm worried about, my dad could care less, she'll be traumatized and upset until she dies." I said shedding tears. I stare at Jackson. He wipes the tears off and tells me to have faith. Honestly what faith can i have when i'm going to get killed by my own mom. ~~~~ "YOU'RE WHAT?!!!!". my mom said crying. She falls to the floor and screams out her tears. "omma!" "Don't touch me!...... why?!.... why did it have to be that??!!!". She yells.


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