Diavolo (Devil)

My Italian assassin OC for AC III. Real Quick Description:

Name: Diavolo Auditore Da Frienze Looks like: Shoulder blade lengthed Blood Red hair, amber eyes (Due to her Ancestry), pale skin, wears a black and red ornate robe, stands at 6'2" (6 feet and 2inches), wears a short sword on her left shoulder, has a curved saber at her left hip, & wears plain soft leather knee high boots. Personality: Kind to allies and Family, appears cold hearted either toward an enemy or during a mission, Loves animals, and gets along well with horses and eagles (if ya know what i mean, if ya dont look up what Aquila means in Italian, if youre too lazy Ill have it up in a story i might be puttting on FanFiction. Link might be in next card.). And that all for now. back story shall put in another card tomorrow along with that damned link to my profile on there... Well i hope you are having a wonderfull Winter Break!! And MERRY CHRISTMAS TO AAALLL!!!!!!

I am 7th grader at TMS in Templeton, California. I live in a split household, I hang out with mostly guys, Im a chick, I hate some girly things(doing hair, overly shiny jewerly, etc), i love horses, dogs, cats, and dolphins, I love the color green, Im an artist, i write, I love music & anime (along with the Japanese culture and music), i love read, i enjoy history, & i believe my cards will explain a lot more about me than here ;3
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