Playlist Game Challenge

Not been tagged but I saw this and thought hey why not. so here it is. Here's the link to the original one -

I couldn't find a picture of the logo so I put the group in there.

1) The same company of the first group is the one you are in.

Song - Royal Pirates - Run Away I would be in Apple of the eye Co.

2) The first singer is your boyfriend.

Song - Shinee - Lucifer Well I'm happy with Onew!

3) Location where you met

Song - Got7 - A Me and Onew met in a cafe.

4) The last singer of this song is trying to come between you two

Song - Exo K - Exodus They are from the same company. Sehun vs Onew.

5) The 3rd singer/rapper is your best friend

Song - Got7 - Just Right Yay!! Me and Youngjae are best friends! how I would love Youngjae as my best friend!

6) The song your best friend dedicated to you

Song - Henry - Fantastic Awww thanks Youngjae. I am pretty damn fantastic (haha)

7) The song you dedicated back

Song - Taemin - Danger Yes Youngjae your dangerous. With those good looks of you.

8) The number of years/months that the group/person has debuted is how long you have been together

Song - Rap Monster Bts - Please Don't Die So me and Onew have been together for 3 years already! Nearly 4.

9) The first song you danced to at your wedding

Song - G Dragon - One of a Kind. Yeah we are both one of a kind. Thanks for pointing that out GD.

10) Number of members signifies the number of children you have

Song - Block B - Jackpot wow. That's 7 children!! (I know there's only 6 kids in the picture)

11) The name of the first rapper is what you will name your first child

Song - BTS - N.O So my first child will be called Namjoon. The next six will be Seokjin, Taehyung, Yoongi, Hoseok, Jimin and Jungkook. haha

Hey guys!! I'm an avid kpopper. My ultimate bias groups are Topp Dogg and Exo. My ultimate bias is Chanyeol of Exo!
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