Pick Me Up (Cont. 27/28)


(First pic is outfit) I sighed and leaned against the wall with my foot resting against it, I heard Delilah clear her throat and say, "Whatever you're mad at me for, I apologize, I want to go back being friends, please." I looked at her out the side of my eye and opened my mouth to reply but Rainie cut me off, "Let's go Hana." I looked up and saw Rainie walking away and I decided to follow, I glanced back at Delilah and she was looking at the floor, I'm sorry but you knew how much I liked Kris. This is your fault. I then turned back to face Rainie who was apparently saying something but I wasn't paying attention. Rainie turned around, still walking, looked at me, "Do you understand?" I sighed and nodded, she looked at me when skeptical eyes and then turned back around, "Ok then, to the school!" I raised an eyebrow, a school? Why a school?         We arrived infront of a long and tall building with a crest stamped on the front which said, Winchester High. Rainie stepped out of the car and walked towards the buildings entrance, slow down will yah? She disappeared behind the doors and I stopped and examined the building, it looked like it had 4 floors and hasn't been used for a while, great, an abandoned High School. I kicked at the ground and then continued to walk up the steps, I got to the door and opened it with little struggle, quite surprised at how smoothly it opened. It was dark except for a faint light out the end of a hallway to my left, I decided that's where I had to go. I slowly walked down the hallway, listening to the school creak with every hit of wind. I then heard a light click of a door opening, I turned around and surveyed the hallway, There's nothing there, must be my imagination. I then turned around again and continued my stroll but then I heard what sounded like footsteps, I stopped. I felt hands on my shoulders and then I felt my self being spun around when someone yelled, "BOO!" My heart started beating quickly but then slowed down when I realized it was Xuimin. He placed his hand on the back of his neck, "Oh! Sorry Hana! I thought you were someone else!" His face became red and he quickly bowed and ran past me. What just happened? and who did he think I was? I shrugged off my confusion and headed towards the door. When I got there I peered in from the side and saw people scurrying around a big gymnasium, chords were everywhere. Geez.. A man quickly came up to me and pulled me inside, he was sweating, "You're late just like your friend!" He shook his head back and forth, is he talking about Emily? "Forget it, I'm just glad you're here, this way!" He said as I followed him. I surveyed the room and saw the boys except for Kai, D.O., Sehun, and Luhan. I wonder where they are... All of a sudden I saw a hand waving in my face and then I heard the guy say, "Hello? You there? Perfect time to daydream." I snapped back to reality and apologized. "Lucy, where is Lucy? Lucy!" He yelled as he frantically surveyed the gymnasium. All of a sudden a petite girl ran up to us, "I'm so sorry, I w--." He raised his hand and cut her off, "I don't care. Just teach her the dance." Lucy nodded and then began showing me the steps.            So apparently my plot is I stayed after school to study with my tutor but she was no where to be found and as I walked around the halls aimlessly, I hear faint music from the gymnasium and that's where I find the rest of EXO excluding D.O., Kai, Sehun, and Luhan. In the gymnasium, they are practicing their choreography for an upcoming battle, I then recognize the song and start dancing out of their sight but one of them sees me and then we take turns seeing who can dance the best. Doesn't sound too hard... I stood infront of the classroom where I was suppose to act like I just learned that my tutor was no where to be found. I looked at the camera and then sighed and got into position. The frantic guy from earlier than yelled, "5, 4, 3, 2," and then pointed at the me, Showtime.


(Second pic is outfit) I stood infront of a big crowd and all I could see was camera's flashing. I could barely hear what people were saying, "I-I'm sorry, one at a time please.." I shielded my eyes and tried to survey the their faces but the camera flashes were to bright, "I don't unders--" Someone then broke through the crowd and everything became silent, the person grabbed my hand and pulled me into the crowd. I woke up to see Rainie scolding me and I yawned, what a weird dream. I rubbed my eyes and wiped the sides of my mouth to make sure I didn't drool. "Come on! We're already late as it is!" Rainie then turned around and started walking, sleepily I stretched and followed her. I wonder where she's going to take me. We arrived infront of a abandoned theme park, I stepped out of the car and looked around. I spotted a carousel, it looked spotless as if it's previous occupants had been from the previous day. I looked up at the sky and the sun was slowly setting. All of a sudden, lights turned on and everything came to life. Ignoring Rainie I decided to look around, I walked up to the carousel and slid my hand across one of the horses, I then looked at my hand, its spotless, Did they clean everything for this music video? I tapped on the horse and it moved slightly, it seems intact. I then saw some rides and booths, there was food booths and prize booths, all stocked. After this MV shoot is over Imma see if I can play a couple games. I walked up to a booth and noticed it was one of those games you had to throw a ball to knock down 3 bottles. There was a ball sitting on the counter as if asking to be played, I grabbed the ball and looked at it, I'm not that good at throwing but hey why not? I raised my arm in a throwing stance and then felt something poke me in the back. I turned around and someone in a bear costume holding balloons. I immediately stepped back and dropped the ball and accidently knocked into the booth and knocked over the bottles, greeaatt. The bear waved at me and held out his hand that was holding the balloons. I looked up at the balloons and noticed that there was only one red one that was shaped in a heart. Ok, this is getting creepy... The bear followed my line of view and saw that I had noticed the heart balloon, he took his other hand and unwrapped the heart balloon from the batch and held it out for me to grab, I hesitantly grabbed it, "Thank you.... umm...bear.." The bear nodded and I scooted to the middle of the walkway, "Well, um, I got somewhere to be..." I then slowly walked backwards and did a small wave and then turned around and jogged not knowing where I was heading, I then looked back and noticed the bear was gone. I stopped and turned around, "Ok, I'm either going crazy or I'm already crazy..." I heard someone yell my name and I turned around, a short and chubby man jogged towards me while holding his pants up. The man and I arrived in the middle of the theme park and I noticed a lot of cameras and chords strewn about. Rainie was getting her makeup done and I looked around for Kaela and Emily but they were no where to be found. I frowned and then followed the man heading towards a guy wearing sweatpants and a sweater. The man then spoke and said, "Aleks this is Ahri, Ahri this is Aleks." Aleks gave me a half smile and I gave one in return. Chubbs then clasped him hands together and said, "You have a half hour to learn the moves and then I need her up front," he then turned around and walked away. That guy is going to have a heart attack... I looked at Aleks and he then gave me a big smile, "You seem lke a girl who can dance so this shouldn't be too hard." I smirked and then remebered I was holding a balloon, I tied it around my wrist and then he showed me the first couple of steps. ~ I was given a map and then pointed towards the direction of the front gate which we came through earlier. I looked at the map and sighed, I have no clue what this says. I spotted a trash bin and walked over to it and threw the map in. I can make it there myself. I began walking again, then I breathed in and smiled. I love theme parks... I looked up at the sky which was now a light pink and purplish orange and saw the heart balloon slowly gliding back and forth. I looked back down, I wonder who was in that bear suit earlier. I shrugged off the thought and then saw movement out of the corner of my eye and turned around. I then saw the the bear head sitting on top of the trash bin, what the hell? My heart started picking up pace and I decided my legs should too. I finally made it to the front gate and saw Luhan, I smiled and ran up to him, "LUHAN!" I gave him a hug and he laughed and gave me one back. I stood there hugging him when he said, "You know you saw me yesterday right?" He chuckled and patted the top of my head. I then let go and smiled, "I know but I'm just glad to see you," I noticed that his cheeks became a little pink and he smiled. He then looked up, "Why do you have a balloon?" I noticed he had changed the subject but chose to answer his question, "I found it..." I then slipped it off my wrist and handed it to Luhan, "and now I'm giving it to you!" He took the balloon and tied it to a directors chair that had his name sewn on it. I then noticed a second chair which had the name Sehun sewed onto it. "Oh, Sehun's here too?" Luhan nodded, "This part of the MV is just about us 3. Have your heard about the plot for our part?" I shook my head no and he gave me a smirk, "Alrighty then, So we're here at this abandoned theme park because we're on a date." He waited for my response and my cheeks got red, it's just a music video, calm down Delilah.. He noticed my cheeks and laughed, "But the plot twist is that you are on a date with Sehun too. You take turns with us by giving excuses to leave so you could see the other date." Dang, I sound horrible.. "But then we find out and then both of us try to win your heart, the rest is up to us." He winked and smirked again. What does he mean up to us? But before I could ask, Chubbs ran up to us and told us it's time to record, Luhan grabbed my hand and we walked towards the front gate of the theme park. He then turned to look at me and whispered so I only could hear. "You look nice." My cheeks became even redder and before I could act Chubbs yelled, "Ready, Set....RECORD!" (We create these outfits on an app called Polyvore :3)

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