The Dorms: A BTS Fanfiction Chapter Three: The Day Greeting




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Chapter One: The Arrival

Chapter Two: The Encounter

Chapter Four: The Confession

That really just happened.

I just had sex with namjoon. I look at the time on my phone and it's now 5:30 am.

I fucked him for an hour? Wow. Seemed a lot shorter. I can't believe it. My heart is still racing. But it's time to shower. I've been on a plane for almost 24 hours.

I look in the mirror to see the shit show that has happened with my hair. Let's just say after sex hair is not a good look on me. I manage to tie it up and secure it In a bun. I stare in the mirror the little purplish bluish gifts Namjoon has left from my neck downwards, but I know the ones I left on him will be worse. Making me feel victorious, I get in the shower.

----40 minutes later----

I see the mirror has steamed from how long I was in the shower. I decide to leave him a little message.

"나는 당신 의 생각 :)"

Meaning "I think of you" but I rub it off because it seems to clingy.

But I realized a bigger problem. I have no towel. The only towel in here is nams. A voice popped in my head.

"You've fucked him (Y/N). You can use his towel" Oh yeah. Duh. So I grab it effortlessly and walk out of the steamy bathroom only to see Namjoon laying there reading my magazine in bed.

" so first you take my bed. Now you take my towel." He said not taking his eyes off of the magazine

I laugh. "Yeah about that I'm gonna need to take something else from you also..."

I see him cock up one eyebrow from behind the magazine.

"I need something to wear to sleep. Considering its only about 6 am and it's a Sunday."

I see his dimpled smile appear. He walks up to me and kisses my forehead. Which caught me by surprise.

"Here you can sleep in this" he said chucking the white oversized stussy t-shirt at me

I thank him by giving him a smile and throw the shirt over my head before walking over to the bed. Now I just stand there wondering if I should go to the bottom of the bed.

" can lay up here with me if you want I dont mind. its probably best you sleep anyway considering its early in the morning. it’ll help your jet lag” he said with a slight dimpled smile before dragging me into the bed with him i couldn’t help but feel warm. it wasn’t long before sleep washed over me and i was out like a light.

—3 hours later—

i shoot up from my sleep in a cold sweat.

“it was just a dream” i assure myself. these dreams are getting more frequent every night and i dont know how long i can stand it for. i swing my legs off of the bed before walking to the door quietly trying to not wake up namjoon from his deep soundless sleep. before leaving i run back to him to plant a kiss on his cheek and proceed out the door.

Dead Silence.

I look down at my watch to see that its 9 am now. i guess its okay to go and try get some snacks out of my suitcase. i soundlessly creep down the stairs and kneel in front of my case. i flip it over and finally get it open.

mmmm. hot cheetos. yeah i know not a great breakfast but I’m starving….as i grab the bag of chips some grabs it out of my hands.

“You’re not actually about to eat that are you? its so early ?" I look over my shoulder to see a half asleep tayhyung, rubbing sleep away from his eyes. I couldn't help but think how adorable he looks when he wakes up.

"Aish...don't eat this stuff (Y/N). Your body is a temple, please don't wreck it" he said as he pulled me up to my feet "How do you know my name?" I managed to spit out

"The company told me about the new trainee coming to live with us. I was suppose to wake up and greet you but I fell asleep waiting for you to get here" tae said while playing with his hair. "It's okay. When I came in you were fast asleep and I didn't want to disturb you" I said with a reassuring smile. He goes and takes a seat on the couch and pats next to him. "Come here" I swiftly move over to him, trying to keep this shirt down due to the fact I have no underwear on because I didn't have my suitcase.

"Here, have a bottle of water. Always drink water when you wake up. It boosts your metabolism and helps you stay healthy" I just smiled, took the bottle and downed it as if it was my first drink in days. He just laughs. "Hey. Namjoon has that shirt. You guys both wear it you'd look like a couple" he said with an innocent smile causing me to think about what I had done with Namjoon just a few hours earlier.

A shiver kept down my spine

"oh you're cold, come here" he said before pulling me into a warm embrace. Surprisingly, I didn't feel like moving at all. It felt nice I placed my head on his shoulder.

Silence filled the room, so quiet I almost fell asleep until I heard him say something

"(Y/N)? Have you fallen asleep?..." Assuming I was sleeping he took in a deep breath an continued talking. "(Y/N). why do I feel like it's me that's gonna get hurt at the end of this friendship? We just met and I already feel like I have to protect you. Ive had too many bad friendships and I've always ended up alone. I try to make friends but they all leave...I'm sure the guys would leave if we didn't work together. Aish...I don't even know why I'm saying this to you. You just met me. I just met you. But I feel like I can trust you you know? i feel like if i put enough effort i can make you happy about moving here with us…i feel like i could get use to you laying with me, spending days with me… But You're fast asleep and it won't be long before you wake up and realize how much of a loser I really am...then you'll leave too" he let out a sigh as if he just got a lot of weight lifted off of his shoulders And i suddenly felt a tear drop on my cheek but I decide not to move or startle him and his words continue. "I feel like this friendship would end up being toxic. I really hope my feeling is wrong."

Then there was silence again.

My heart breaks at the words coming from tae's lips and a tear escapes my eye. I don't know why but I feel the need to keep tae happy. He sounds like he's been through so much pain that he genuinely doesn't deserve. I move around a bit trying to get more comfortable.

"Hey, are you alright ? A bit uncomfortable? I'm sorry. I could get you a pillow from my room" he says rambling. "Tayhyung." I say before trailing off. Maybe I shouldn't bring it up...he thought he was speaking to me while I was sleeping. Probably meaning he's not ready to say it yet... "Yeah?" He says with innocent eyes. You would never know how broken he was by just looking at him or even having a conversation. "Could I lay my head on your lap. I kinda have jet lag. And need to sleep a bit more" I say to him without looking up to see his reaction. "Sure of course you can." I move down so I can be more comfortable.

And once again, it's silent until i hear someone yell

"TAE HAS A GIRLFRIEND. WHAT? HOW DOES THIS ALIEN HAVE A GIRLFRIEND" an unknown angry and slightly jealous sounding voice says. Then another unknown speaks"she looks like she's sleeping Jimin. Shut up. Sorry tae" before Taehyung could say anything ,I bolt up like a bullet only to see Jimin shirtless And Jin in a black shirt and shorts.

"I-I'm not his girlfriend" I manage to blabber out causing them to all stare at me. Before they could say anything I grab some pants from my suitcase and squeeze between jin and jimmy standing at the bottom of the stairs starring at me. as i go up i hear them beginning to talk but it slowly fades as i get further up the stairs.

i rush to my new bedroom and see that namjoon isn’t on the bed. i guess he’s in the bathroom. i put on my clothes, let my ponytail loose and look at my watch to see its finally 10 am. meaning i can try and call my best friend from new york. i dive onto the bed and start up my laptop without noticing namjoon came out the bathroom.

“Good morning (Y/N).” he said with a voice full of disappointment and sadness which causes me to look up and see him standing there rubbing the back of his neck.

“Namjoon, are you okay?” i say pushing my laptop to the side and inviting him to sit down next to me. “Yeah..i mean not really… i woke up and you were gone… i dont know why but i felt kinda hurt by it.” he said looking down at his hands. my heart swells at the words he’s saying.“Just dont leave without saying something or waking me up…please (Y/N) “ he says taking my hands in his.

“I’m sorry i left you…i just didn’t want to wake you up” i said before placing a kiss on his now red cheek. “you should probably go downstairs and eat something now. okay?” i said as i grabbed my laptop to log in.

Look at you taking care of me. how sweet are you?” he said before leaving the room.


“(Y/N) !! IM SO HAPPY TO FINALLY HEAR FROM YOU. HOW IS EVERYTHING! HOWS SEOUL? HOWS BTS ? HOW WAS THE FLIGHT?” Jessica screams as soon as the FaceTime call starts

“Everything is great. its only 10 am here. how are you?” i said to her. “everything is great. but i have to go now…the baby is crying.” and thats the end of our call.

i slump back on the bed and stare at the ceiling. why did jimin and jin have to come down the stairs…why? but i can’t stay in here forever…and I’m dying of hunger i guess i should go out now right?

As soon as i stand my legs turn to jelly. i can’t help but be nervous and i dont know why. but i find my way down the stairs to see that everyone but namjoon is now in the kitchen. “HEY (Y/N)!” Tae says from the kitchen before running grabbing me and bringing me back there with him.

“Hey everyone. this is our new trainee.” tae says to everyone causing me to slightly hide behind him.

“Oh. so you’re not his girlfriend..sorry” jimin says with an embarrassed smile.

an awkward silence filled the room until a shirtless namjoon entered.

“Hey Namjoon! this is our new trainee” Tae said before moving to the side so i could see namjoon.

“Oh yeah, i know her. we’ve already met. ” Namjoon said with a wink and smirk. then grabbing me by the waist into a big hug.

then everyone went silent.

“W-what…?” Tae said with the sound of heartbreak in his tone…

Is Namjoon really about to tell them?

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