the night everything changed

This is the first fic iv written with the reader in it so I hope y'all like. happy reading ~<3

You looked at your watch and came to the realization that it was allready 11:00. With a sigh you wispered to yourself " iv been at work since 8 this morning and I'm still not finished" You got up and streached and grabbed your purse readying your self to leave. You had gotten so behind on your work due to being concerned about your brother that has been in the hospital for two weeks now. You stepped out of the door of the office building in witch you worked in and was taken aback by how cold it had gotten and the fact that you were not wearing a jacket. You began walking to your apartment that was a couple blocks away. the wind blew hard causeing you the shake like a leaf. It was dark an ominous out, the clouds covered the moon. the sight of it all reminded you of a seen in a horror movie. You passed an ally way in witch a man came out of and asked you "hay, what's a pretty woman like yourself doing walking around at this time of night? " You hesitated to to answer knowing better than to speak with strangers but you did anyway " I had just gotten off of work" He than put an arm around you "What's your name sweet cheeks?" You pushed his arm away my name is y/n and I really have to go" He grabbed you harder this time. hard enough for you to know that he was going to leave bruises. "c'mon don't you wanna have a little fun? My names jimin by the way" he saw that you began to shake harder and offered up his leather jacket that smelled heavily of smoke. "you know y/n I can drive you home" You didn't have any time to decline before he was stuffing you in his car. There were two other boys on the car and when jimin slammed his door they both simultaneously asked "jimin is this the girl hung wanted?" He looked back at taehyung and jongkook with a smirk and a nod causeing the two younger men to giggle with excitement.

yes,if you were wondering if there is going to be a part two yes there is. I'm not going to be cruel and leave y'all hanging. lol ❤ now is were I do my tagging @Emealia@Kyokeo@drummergirl691@evieevelyn@AnimeLove300@AdrielCarcamo@thePinkPrincess@BlasianBabyDoll@KatieRussell@Taylor1Wright@syodii@xojuliettexox@RaqelArredondo@Mischief1ng@malibella@VKookie47@Tracylynnn@KpopGaby@Kat121@Kpopandkimchi@aleeejandraaa@KaiTakashima@DesireeChucklez@VixenViVi@Mercii@Katiems@ILikeHisFace123@Bitterlimelight@tinaechle@LauraEspinoza@amandamuska

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