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Gale (Gajevy) so cute! Natsu and Zeref so funny! What is Ultear doing? Ezra's heart can't handle the hotness. Gruvia ah~ . Master *whisper* so tiny. Lissa........yeah. Mira so hot! Cana so funny! Wendy so adorable! Lucy is stuck in fairy land. Laxus and Freed are so *face palm*. Other two are just look drunk. Love them ALL!

I am a minor who wants to become a voice actor and am currently taking drama classes. I like to read books, manga, and webtoons. I like to watch anime, k-drama but specifically something with a strong plot. I am an Asian-American girl and look forward to having fun here in Vingle! 😊 Many people usually mistake my age and think that I am older than I actually am because they say I'm "mature" but I am not yet a legal teenager (+16).
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
Love Love LOVE

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