Well, I made a card about 2-3 weeks ago. The most votes were 20 facts about me so here u go!~^^

1. I’m bilingual

2.I’m in middle school

3.I’m one of the ‘rare’ asians with curly hair (I straighten it)

4. I'm tomboy-ish

5. I can play guitar

6. I got into kpop when I was 5 years old

7. I was born and raised in Georgia

8. I'm 5'2

9. My natural hair is black

10. I’m in accelerated gifted learning

11. I’m learning dance

12. I have 1 younger sister

13. My favourite colour is Green

14. My favourite Kpop groups are B.A.P, BTS, EXO, VIXX, Boyfriend, Monsta X, Got7, Infinite, Seventeen , UP10TION much more (not in that order)

15. I watch anime

16. I’m in choir

17. I can program & build a robot

18. I smile mostly all the time because I have a resting b**ch face and look scary (stated by my friends)

19. I’m shy at first but if we get close I’m actually a happy crazy girl

20. I have a few kpop friends at my school & they say my personality is sort of like J-hope and V (Im weird!^^)

Sorry if you voted something different! I might get to it one day! ;)


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