Love Bug Challenge

Selfie: I don't like taking pictures but I will take them only for the memories they represent. The above picture I took while I was @ work.

Dream crush: I would have to say Gdragon. Why not because of his looks even though he is hot. But for the simple reason he's a generous, sincere person who doesn't care how the worlds views him.

Status: Single I've been single for quite awhile and I've learned so much about myself during this time. And still continue to learn new things each and every day.

Most romantic memory: sad to say I have no romantic memories to share.

What do I look for in a partner: someone who can except me for me. Makes me laugh when I'm down, a good listener, and a sincere heart. Really I don't look for perfect just someone who will have my back and I'll have there's. Simple..... Thanks for taking the journey with me and getting to know me a little better. @ Helixx thanks for the tag

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