BTS Is On Fire!!

So here is the thing. True ARMY love BTS for who they are and love each member and support each member and can see the beauty in each member. These boys are all gorgeous! Not only on the outside. Their souls scream it so loud you can hear it with your own! So for all the true ARMY out there, let take a bit to appreciate all the Gorgeous, funny, quirky, loving, members of BTS...

Jin.... Need I say more? You are funny and adorable and love food more than life! You keep the group grounded and always show your support! We love you!

Suga. oh the lovely swagmaster! You are so perfect in all his laziness! Andyou arent afraid to feel that way. You are real and truthful! Never change who you are!

JHope! Ah JHope! You are so precious! And you constantly make me smile! You always have something positive to say to your fans and you bever stop showing your love! Hwaiting!!!!

NamJoon. You are a solid leader. We know your role is hard. Stay strong and keep up the good work! You are fantastic! Stay Bulletproof!

Jimin! You are so full of life. And you arent afraid to cry to show your sincerety. Stay healthy! And forever keep wrecking hearts!

V... You are perfect in all your quirkiness. You never try to be anyone you're not. Keep being exactly who you are! Because we love you!

And Last but certainly not least..... Jungkook. You are my bias. But all of ARMY loves you. You are funny and strong and you always appreciate what you have. You are proud of your brothers and you arent afraid to show how much Bangtan means to you. Be great! Because you have so much time ahead of you.

So there is is everyone! Love our Boys. They have faught so hard to get where they are. It is our job as loyal fans to support them and love them... Not anything else....@Emealia if you could help with tags I would appreciate it.....

kpop loving, writing, kdrama obsessed, Jesus girl who is attempting to learn Korean and desperately wants to meet her bias!
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