Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your holiday events are going greet this year! But let's not forget the music am I right? So I have a small list of cute holiday kpop songs that should be in your playlist!

First is my favorite: Jungkook and Jimins; Christmas Day

Of course the famous Got7 Confession Song

JYP Nations, This Christmas

Who could forget EXOs; Miracles in December

My favorite, Teen Top; Snow Kiss

Orange Caramel and Nu'est; Dashing through the snow with high heels. Im gunna be honest when i say, i never heard of this song until a while ago and i cant get it out of my head sense.

Who can forget Ailee's; My grown up christmas list? I hope these put a smile on your face and fill you with that christmas spirit.

I love kpop, anime, wedding dresses and so much more. 😊
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