Weight Gain Doesn't Mean Self Hate

Losing weight can come at a cost, and the cost is different for everyone. Some people are able to keep it off, others gain some back -- and some of those people are 100% okay with that. Sometimes slim and lean bodies can be extremely difficult to maintain, and some people just don't care to keep up with it. As someone whose weight has fluctuate tremendously, I find my self most happy in the middle between my largest and smallest. Yeah, it was cool to have abs, but it's not everything (bacon cheeseburger are everything...am I right or am I right?!)

Here two inspiring women who said, "fuck those abs!"

Taryn Brumfitt

Brumfitt is a former bikini competitor and she is the founder of 'The Body Image Movement.' It was when she started to think about plastic surgery to enhance her body, she realized how loving her own body is what she should teach herself. After walking off the state as a bikini competitor, giving birth to her daughter, Brumfitt decided to love her body.

"And so began this journey. This unwavering desire to teach, educate and shout around the world that loving your body can bring you happiness and by learning to do so, change lives forever,"Brumfitt says.

Neghar Fonooni

Although she's still rockin' some muscle, Fonooni isn't where she once was. Back in 2009 she was 120 pounds and at 12 percent body fat. Today, she's 134 pounds with about 18 percent body fat. She's fitness & lifestyle coach, writer, veteran, and mom. She's passionate about empowering women through strength.

"I don't stress out over food. When I travel, I indulge in local cuisine. I am active, strong, and fit. I'm not RIPPED, and I honestly DO NOT care. I all this 'reverse progress,' but I actually think it's real progress. I'm happier now,"Fonooni says.

I like cheeseburgers and cheap wine.
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