DIY 2NE1 Shoe's!

11 Steps to any character shoes! Let's start! 1. you will need some converse(doesn't have to be this brand just look like them)*color of your choice* 2. paint brushes(small tips) 3. paint (fabric or acrylic) 4. iron 5. phone/laptop 6. pencil & pen 7. shirt or clothing 8. cotton swab 9. hand Sanitizer 10. Kpop music in background :)

Step1. Go online and search for any cute drawing of your choice. Save it. Take off the shoe laces. Find the highest parts of the shoes. Measure how long those parts are. Copy or redraw that picture to the measure of your shoes hight you took before. Locate where on your shoe you what your character to be * on high parts* Step2. If you have colored shoes you will have to paint a white silhouette of the characters so that the color becomes visible on the colored shoes Don't do to many layers, one layer is enough. Do this for all characters wanted on shoes. Let it dry. > {Keep in mind as you paint, not to over layer it or else it won't be able to hold the very last colors you add}<

Step3. Now you can paint the hair color of your figure according to the picture or whichever color you want. If you don't have the color don't be afraid to mix colors to get it. Let it dry. Step4. Once dry you can now add skin color. I used the color khaki mixed with a little bit of white. Only add the skin color to face/arms and any other skin that will be showing. Do not paint it where the clothes will be. Let it dry.

Step5. Get your hot iron ready, [Turn off steam/& turn to medium heat setting] grab a shirt or old clothing to place on top of shoe while ironing. Make sure the clothing isn't to thick or heat won't go to the shoe. Iron the parts painted while under the clothing. This helps open up the pores of the fabric so it can take in the colors. [Do Not Place Iron Directly Onto Shoe] Wait for shoe to cool down before continuing.

Step6. Now paint the eyes, mouth and outline the hair. Once dry you can paint clothes. Let it dry. once dry [REDO STEP 5]

Step7. Once cool, you can now add the blush and texture to hair. To get the hair texture take a darker shade of the color used for the hair and make lines. For blush just use a light light pink and place under eyes. Let it dry.

Step8. [REDO STEP 5] except before you finish and let it cool, you are going to place the iron directly onto the images. Do Not leave on the image for a long time. The image should now start to feel a bit almost like plastic or rubber * let it cool*

Step9. On the other side paint logo silhouette. Let it dry and outline.

Step10. Now you can paint their name using a really thin brush. Let it dry. Now you can add details to the shirts or other clothing. Let it dry. Clean up the white edge using a cotton swab with hand Sanitizer. If you plan on decorating more of the shoe remember to let it dry. Step

Step11. [REDO STEP 8] this should be done as the last step so it can open the pores and taken the last color addition. Put shoe laces back on.

FINAL RESULTS!!!! CONGRADULATIONS you are one step away from becoming Picasso! well not exactly, I think for my first time working with shoes went ok. You can do this project for any character but keep in mind it shouldn't be too many characters or they won't fit. Now do the project take pictures and brag about them! If you do them please share the pictures with me on vingle or twitter: @ Sabrina5575 . If you have questions on the brands or other things I used or just want to leave comment please feel free to. Like/Clip/Tag ~until next time! \(¤_¤*)/

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