What anime made U go from dub to sub

Ok ok ok ok okayyyyyy, I know we all got into anime at different times. N got into SUBs at different time as well, thats why I'm asking this question. So let me get straight to the point. Like the title says What anime made switch you from DUB to SUB

mmmmmmmm..... I know some of you have been watching SUBs since you popped out the vag, and it's hard for you to think back so far.

Well I'll go first mine was.... One Piece. couple years back I only watched anime in dub, 1. because the japanese voices sounded goofy to me. 2 . I didn't mind waiting until the dub came out. So I started watching one piece. Didn't really expect much because I use to see glimpse of it on toonami, while I waiting for DBZ to come on. But a friend of told me to give it shoot. Oh boy was I hooked, but something went wrong half through.

I ran out of DUB episodes of one piece. At this point I way in too deep(thats what he said). I could wait a couple of months for new DUB episodes or I could watch these 300 SUB episodes by the end of this week. mmmmmm

Sooo... yeah I gave in and started watching the SUBs. To my surprise I loved them soo much that...

I became hostile the Dub version lol. well thats my story, if you got story or a Show that pushed you into SUBdom feel free to comment. this is my first card hope you guys like it

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