Burden finale

You pushed opened the curtains that blocked the outside sun. The bright light revealed a small boy playing around in the front yard with his father. A foam football was exchanging hands as both boys were erupting with small bouts of laughter. You can’t help but smile looking at the two of them, you just wanted to keep watching forever, but you still had to get dressed for tonight. Yoongi had agreed to take you out tonight, and you desperately needed the escape from your child. You loved the little rascal, but sometimes you just needed time to yourself. You hobbled over to the bathroom and quickly stepped under the warm water. When you felt the warming mist fall upon your shoulders you began to reflect on it all. The day after you got out of the hospital Yoongi began listening to what you wanted. He came home on time, and held you and your big belly tight. You still remember the first time he felt your son kick. The look on his face was that of pure awe. He began to help cook and clean. You spent countless nights sitting on the kitchen counter with him tucked between your legs. You would just talk about everything and nothing all at the same time closing the gap between the two of you. You blushed at the thought of the evenings spent with him glued to your neck. You thought that you loved him before, but he was nothing more than a pretty face before. Now, now he was your king.

The water began to run cold, and you stepped out of the shower squeaky clean, and moved over to the fogged up mirror. You brushed your hands over the glass to clear a small spot to see yourself. You frowned as you turned, inspecting your body from nearly every angle. The stretch marks were still there, and you still had to lose most of your baby fat. The door opened and a rush of cold air moved past your body. You quickly covered yourself with a small towel as Yoongi slipped inside the small space. “You look stunning.” He mumbled as he placed his lips on your neck. You wanted to smile at his touch, but you couldn’t get the thought of your body out of your mind. Yoongi looked at you through the mirror, and moved his mouth up to your cheek. “Did you take your meds today?” He asked and you nodded. “Good. You are beautiful Y/N. Never forget that.” And there that voice was again. He always says that. Beautiful. It’s just to make you feel better about yourself. He doesn’t really mean it. You hated that voice, but it was always so convincing. “I mean it.” He states before moving in front of you and attacking your lips. “Now get dressed before we miss our dinner.” He says as he pulls away, leaving you to change. You’re still ugly. Shut up. Not ugly perfect.


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