LadyBug Challenge💖💕💞 ㄱㅅㄱ

1. Selfie! I was trying to copy Jungkook on this picture

2. Dream Crush As you can see, Jungkook is my Idol crush. I mean who wouldn't love him? He's such a talented person and Word to describe him: asdfghjkl

Current Relationship Status: Taken By Oppa Just kidding, I'm single asf

4. Most Romantic Memory or Story: I can't think of one ㄱㅅㄱ Does knowing BTS count? Oh! Romantic! I really can't think of one

5. What do you look for in a partner: Ummm....Jungkook.... Humor, Tall, Sexy mind and sexy body (from miss right), caring, and sweet Are my standards too high?

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 I tell myself shamelessly  Raise your voice, more loudly Even if they tell you there is no everlasting fan I’m going to keep singing  - 빙틴소년단 MUSIC IS LIFE🎼 THAT'S WHY OUR HEART BEATS🎧🎤🎵🎶
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