Thank you Jimin and Kookie

for introducing Piano tiles 2 too me. It has become my new stress reliever. Plus I kicks at it. Thanks for showing me how to play Kookie. But I smashed you score tonight. I am sure you have higher ones now especially without Jimin distracting you. But thanks for the introduction to my new addiction. lol

do you guys play?@danidee@shannonl5@thepinkprincess@sarahpjane@RogueLeigh@ninjamidori@peahyr@xsandos17@B1A4BTS4ever@Lizzeh@nanashi865@RainaC3@SarahVanDorn@VKookie47@DeniseiaGardner@reyestiny93@Emealia@AimeeH@kpopgaby@LexTay327@Jiyongixoxo@staceyholley@LexTay327@AnnahiZaragoza@gabbylu13@sarahdarwish@terenailyn@taetaebaozi@ChelseaJay@NancyVongvilay@kpopandkimchi@shelbiisonfire@SugaOnTop@luna1171@CreeTheOtaku
4.7 Star App Store Review!***uke
The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
Love Love LOVE

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