Junsu and Juno, the twin, make top 10 on Japan’s Oricon Chart

Junsu’s first solo album Xia Trantellegra claimed the ninth spot on Oricon’s weekly album chart upon its release on May 20. His smooth start didn’t go unnoticed since his album climbed the chart so quickly within its first day of release. His twin brother, Juno, isn’t so far behind. His single “Everything” which was released on May 16, reached the tenth place on Oricon’s weekly singles Chart. With the recent success of K-pop in Japan, seeing Korean singers/groups securing spots in the top 10 on Japan’s Oricon chart isn’t rare. However, seeing twin brothers ranking high on Oricon’s weekly chart is rare enough to draw much attention. On May 23, the boyband Supernova and T-ara also released their new singles “Stupid love/Come back to me” and “Lovey-Dovey”(Japanese version). Immediately after the release of their new singles, Supernova and T-ara ranked # 4 and # 5 on Oricon’s daily singles chart respectively. Kim Jung Hoon also released his new Japanese album titled Voice and Teen Top also put out Teen Top Japan First Edition, respectively securing the fifth and sixth places on Oricon’s daily album Chart. Following the release of their album Sherlock on May 16, Shinee quickly climbed the chart and reached # 2 on Oricon’s weekly singles chart. F.T. Island is only a few places behind, making the fourth spot on Oricon’s weekly album chart. Source: STARNEWS

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