The BIGBANG Dating Game (Part 7)

The category for the final Jeopardy round is Kpop. Contestants, please make your wagers and we will return with the final Jeopardy question after the break.

Sorry kids, wrong game... again. Though, that would be the best final jeopardy category EVER!!!

Anyway, welcome back to the BIGBANG Dating Game. You're getting closer to finding out which member of BIGBANG is your secret admirer. I trust you all enjoyed your dates last time. Are you ready to find out what's in store for you next? Alighty then, let's get to it!

The rules are simple: Be honest, don't cheat and HAVE FUN!!!

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Let's get back to the game...


You've had an amazing few days, haven't you? You're in Seoul, South Korea, with your bestfriend. You've not only met your idols, but you've been on TV with them and one of them is YOUR secret admirer. You're still reeling from the amazing day you had yesterday on the date your admirer planned for you. Is this real? It's a fangirl's dream... EVERY fangirl's dream, and you're living it!

You and Bestie are chilling in the living room, recuperating from all the excitement of the past few days. She's reading a book she brought with her and you're looking at the pictures in a Korean magazine. The TV is on, playing music videos in the background.

"Oh crap, turn it up." You say. The "Fantastic Baby" music video has just come on.

"What?" She says.

"You have the remote. Turn it up." You point at the controller next to her. She pushes the volume button until the sound is at an appropriate dance party level. You both jump up and start dancing your hearts out. You belt along to the first verse and then the build up to the chorus starts.

"Wow, Fantastic Baby!" You yell. You know the choreography by heart and are dancing along right in sync with the boys. Your BFF is holding her own, mainly because you once forced her to learn it so you could film your own dance cover and put it on Youtube.

The two of you are bouncing around and singing at the top of your lungs. You're time in Seoul is almost over, but you're not thinking about that. You're having too much fun living the fangirl dream.

When the song ends, both of you are a little winded. You head to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water.

"You want one?" You call to your friend as you open the fridge. You grab two bottles of water and place them on the counter then turn back to the fridge for a snack, when you hear a knock on the door to the suite. "Oh crap." You say out loud.

"I got it." You hear from the living room. 'It''s probably someone from the hotel complaining about the noise.' you think to yourself. You can hear muffled voices in the living room. Maybe you can bribe them with a snack?!

"It's for you!" Bestie calls out. Great! The room is registered in your name. You're about to get yelled at... You grab the bottles of water and the fruit you found in the fridge and head back into the living room. But to your shock, it's not the hotel manager or any member of the staff waiting for you... It's all five, glorious members of BIGBANG!

Instinctively, you bow, clutching the items from the kitchen to your chest. "Annyeonghaseyo."

The members bow in response, returning your greeting.

"Sit." You motion towards the furniture. "Please." The boys somewhat awkwardly find their way to the couch and reclining chairs. "Uh.. are you guys thirsty or hungry at all? Can I get you anything?" You offer, remembering the manners your mother raised you with. You place the bottles of water and the fruit on the coffee table in front of them like some sort of offering.

It's awkward between you and them again. It always seems to be at the beginning of each visit. They seem awkward and you know you're hella awkward right now. You were NOT expecting them to show up at your hotel room. After several minutes of exchanging "How are yous?" and polite chit-chat, Daesung finally breaks the tension by being his goofy self. After a good laugh at Dae's expense, everyone seems more comfortable. Thank you Daesung!

"Have you been to see us in concert before?" Seungri asks.

"Yes!" You gush. "I flew to New York for the Alive tour."

"Whoa!" They say in unison.

"It was the best concert I've been too." You can feel the fangirl inside of you rising to the surface, excited to talk about your favorite concert experience, but you're trying hard to keep yourself in check. Surely BIGBANG doesn't need to hear about it. They were there. Duh.

"Ah." Seungri replies. "Did you have good view?"

"No, I had nosebleed seats. But It was still super awesome. You guys did an amazing job. You were so good!"

"Oh, so you were far away?" Taeyang says. You nod.

"Would you go to see us again?" GD asks with a smirk.

"Of course. When you come back to the states, I will definitely go!" The members look at each other knowingly.

"Would you like to see us perform sooner than that?" GD continues. "Like maybe in two days...?"


"We are having a concert in Japan, and the members, we would like to invite you both to come." Seungri explains. This is such exciting news and your inner fangirl is really fighting your composure.

"We fly out tonight." TOP says. "Can you be ready to go?" You're so excited!!! You're barely able to respond other than to grin like an idiot.

"We'll be ready." BFF says for you. They respond excitedly in return.

The members stay a while longer, exchanging details for the trip, before leaving to continue with their busy schedules. As soon as they leave you scream, giggle and jump around the room in all your complete fangirl glory. Bestie allows you a few moments to get it out of your system and then redirects your focus to packing for the trip.

The flight was only two hours, but it was the most nerve-wracking experience of your life.

Upon arrival at the airport in Seoul, you learned of a bad storm that was making it's way from over the pacific and across Japan. The TVs in the international terminal were all tuned into the storm coverage. The flight monitors displayed CANCELLED over many of the flights scheduled to depart later in the evening. One of the BB managers came over to the group to update on the flight situation.

He explained that the later flights were being cancelled due to the weather. But, there was room on an earlier flight that would allow the party to get into the country before all air travel was blocked. It took several moments of discussion between the party members before it was decided they would take the earlier flight to avoid canceling the show. You understood very little of what was being said but you could tell from the tone that the conversation was concerning.

The first half of the flight went smoothly. Bestie and you were seated in first class, behind TOP and Daesung. Taeyang and his manager were in the seats behind you and directly across the aisle was Seungri and GD. Most of the guys were taking the opportunity to catch a few ZZZs. But you were too uneasy on the plane to join them. Your face was glued to the window, watching the encroaching storm clouds.

After a short while the rain was thick enough you could barely see the wing of the plane. The storm's vibrations started to lurch the plane from side to side. The engines rumbled, straining against the power of the wind. The captain's voice sounded from the speakers and the fasten seatbelt sign lit up above your head. The increasingly rough ride woke those around you. You could see TOP and Dae through the crack in the seats before you. TOP seemed suddenly concerned as lightning flashed outside the windows. BFF slipped her hand inside yours and you gripped it firmly. Loud, menacing thunder soon followed. The plane continued its tumultuous journey through the storm. Your stomach bottomed out and you felt bile rise in the back of your throat. You rushed your hands to your lips in panic. Bestie immediately grabbed the seat pocket in search of a puke bag, but you managed to choke it down. Even now, you were still unnervingly aware that the members of BIGBANG were all around you. The last thing you wanted them to see was you tossing your cookies.

The plane jerked violently to left. The screams of the passengers could be heard as the plane suddenly dropped several feet. You're heart was pounding as you gripped the armrests so tight your fingers ached. Your insides were screaming but on the outside you just looked ill.

The Captain's voice could one again be heard overhead.

"He's saying that he has everything under control." Seungri shouts from across the aisle. You turn your head in his direction and slowly loosen your grip on the armrest and lift your had to give him a thumbs up. You sure hope he has everything under control. All you want is to land on solid ground and never have to fly again. Your not sure you can take much more of this.

Thankfully, the plane soon lands at the airport in Osaka. The landing is almost worse than the flight itself. The airbus came down really hard on the tarmac and seemed to be moving much faster than it should have. Images of crashing into another plane or the terminal, flashed in your mind as you squeezed your eyes tightly shut.

Once off the plane and inside the terminal, you take the nearest seat, bending over to put your head between your knees in an attempt to calm your nerves. Your stomach is still rioting inside you and your heart is racing. You're not the only one visibly upset. The waiting area at the gate soon fills with other passengers pacing, crying and trying to regain composure. Your friend sits down next to you and wraps her arms around you.

It takes almost as long as the flight to get through customs and gather baggage before taking the shuttle to the hotel. The weather outside continues to worsen. The wind is so strong that the rain is falling horizontally and feels like daggers when it hits your skin. The entire party has their hoods pulled up over their heads, but it does little. The BIGBANG members gathered around you and bestie, in an attempt to shield you from the elements, while you waited for the shuttle.

The hotel elevators are out of service as a precautionary storm measure. You're rather grateful for this, despite the 15 story stair climb. The last thing you need today is to get stuck in the elevator.

At last, you cross the threshold into your suite. You're drenched, freezing and wind-battered. You're nerves are still frayed, but your stomach has finally started to settle. Bestie seems rattled as well, but is still in better spirits than you. You decide to take a quick shower to warm up and hopefully help de-stress you.

"What are we doing about dinner?" You look over at your friend from your perch at the window. 'She looks comfy' you think. Lightning flashes suddenly behind you. You turn your head back to the window just in time to hear the thunder crashing. It sounds like it's right on top of you.

"We're not going out, that's for sure." You reply, pulling the collar of Taeyang's hoodie high up around your neck. The storm makes you nervous. In the pit of your stomach, you have a bad, nagging feeling.

"Room service it is then." She says, grabbing the menu. Neither of you can decipher the characters so you just tell the woman at the front desk to bring you dinner for two. After 45 minutes the food arrives and it's enough to feed a small army. Two gentleman from guest services set the plates down on the table, removing the the lids before politely exiting the room.

The food looks and smells delicious. As you settle in to start eating, the lights in the room flicker. You trade startled glances. 'Everything is going to be just fine.' You say to yourself. Bestie picks up the remote and turns on the TV.

"Now, we're not alone. It's way less concerning." She says. Thunder continues to boom outside so you grab the remote and turn the volume way up. You've never particularly liked storms. This one was by far the worst you'd ever witnessed. With the next strike of lightening, the lights flickered again.

"Yeah, way less concerning." You state with extreme sarcasm.

"Let's just eat while we can still see the food."

You try to focus on the beautiful meal before you. You're not really sure where to start. There are so many plates and bowls; each displaying something visually and aromatically pleasing. Another bolt of lightening cracks outside, just as your reaching your chopsticks in for a bite. The booming clap of thunder follows almost instantaneously. It shakes the entire room and almost simultaneously, the lights and tv abruptly shut off. The sudden effect of everything forces a scream out of each of you.

The room is completely dark. The only illumination is the lightening striking violently. It's eerily quiet inside the room. You can hear only the sounds of the storm; the wind and rain and thunder. You crawl across the floor to the window ledge, grabbing your phone and turning on flashlight mode.

"Whoa, come look at this." You motion to your friend. Once at the window, she sees what you see. The city below is dark. No lights can be seen anywhere. The storm has knocked out the entire grid. "I have a feeling it's going to be dark for a while."

The sudden knock at the door caused you to jump, bumping your knee under the table. Both of you shot up and made for the door together. To your surprise and relief, it's Seungri and G-Dragon and they're holding flashlights.

"Come in. come in." You wave at them.

"Are you ladies alright?" GD asks. "We heard screaming."

"Yeah, we're fine, just a little spooked when the power went out." You reply, trying to seem relaxed.

"It's a little creepy, isn't it?" Seungri says. "Would you mind keeping us company?" He hands you a flashlight.

"Oh, thank you! We're going to drain our phones trying to see."

"The rest of the members will join us soon. They went to see if they could get flashlights from the frontdesk." GD informs you as he walks into the room. "Oh, you have food? It smells so good."

"Please eat, there is plenty." You offer.

"Really? We haven't eaten yet." He says as he sits on the floor. He shines his flashlight on the table. "Vi, look at this feast!" Seungri heads over and sits down next to GD.

"Oh, it looks delicious. Are you sure you want to share?" Ri asks.

"Go right ahead. There is a ton of food." BFF encourages.

After a few moments there is another knock at the door. You open it to find TOP holding a lantern. Before you can shut the door behind him, you see lights coming towards you from the end of the hall and familiar voices call out to you. You can easily identify Daesung and Taeyang. They are holding grocery bags.

"They didn't have much at the front desk." Taeyang says, unloading the bags.

"But there is a little store right outside the lobby so we braved the elements in search of supplies." Daesung finished, proudly. Taeyang pulls out a bunch of white candles, a box of matches and the makings for s'mores.

"You have these back home, right?" He asks you, referring to the marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate.

"Of course we do. They have them here?"

"Look, the girls got us food!" GD chimes in, shoving a piece of meat into his mouth.

"Whoa!" Taeyang responds, his interest in the s'mores completely forgotten.

"Oooh, what? You did?" Dae adds. As the members crowd around the table, you and Bestie finish unloading the bags and start lighting the candles. Before long, the room is well illuminated. It would almost be a romantic sight if it weren't for the terrifying storm happening all around you. With every crack of lightening and deafening boom of thunder, every single person in the room jumps.

After placing the candles, you wriggle your way back to your spot at the table. You're shoulder to shoulder now with Taeyang and TOP... well maybe not with TOP... more like shoulder to ribcage with TOP.

"I see you're wearing my hoodie, again." Taeyang says, his hand covering his mouth as he chews.

"It's warm and comforting." You reply sheepishly. "Honestly, you can have it back."

"No, no. It's yours. It's looks good on you." He shoves another bite in his mouth. "I'm glad you like it."

"I can't believe there was enough food for all of us." BFF marvels at the end of dinner.

"I'm really happy there was." Daesung added. He's laying contentedly on the floor next to the table. The storm seems less terrifying with the members there. When it was just the two of you, you felt smaller, more vulnerable. But having BIGBANG there was comforting. They were big, strong and super hot. Surely, if something really bad happened, they'd be able to handle it.... Hotness is a disaster preparedness requirement, right?

"You're so quiet tonight." TOP observed. You turned to face him.

"Just taking a page from your book." Immediately you felt your hand rush to cover your mouth. 'What is wrong with me?' you wonder. You shoot your friend a loaded glance. Why is she on the other side of the room? She needs to stop you from making such a fool of yourself.

"Ohhh, snap!" The room erupts into laughter. Even TOP is chuckling, his dimples perfectly accentuated.

"There's that girl we're used to." TOP adds.

"Sorry guys, I'm just a little on edge."

"She doesn't like storms." Bestie says. crossing the room to sit beside you. "And we're really happy you guys are here with us. It's was getting a little scary."

"So, so happy you're here." You agree.

"Hey." Daesung sat up suddenly. "You guys know what we should do?" He said. "We should build a fort!" Daesung's eyes are wide with excitement. He looks like he's just had the best idea in the world.

"Like, with blankets." You look at him quizzically.

"You didn't do that as a child?" He inquired.

"I did. Plenty of times... I was pretty bomb at it too." 'Bomb? WTF am I saying?' " I haven't done it in years. but you know what? That sounds like an awesome idea. Let's do it. I'm in." Daesung claps his hands enthusiastically. You jump up and grab your friend's hand to pull her up from the floor. "Are the rest of you going to join us or is it just Dae and I?"

The members look at you momentarily before getting up and tossing out fort construction ideas. Taeyang starts removing the cushions from the couch as TOP and Ri clean up the dishes from the table and remove them from the construction zone. You and Bestie head to your respective rooms to strip the beds of their blankets and sheets. You meet back in the hall and toss her the bedding from your arms, before heading to the hall closet to grab the spare blankets. Back in the living room, you see GD and Dae moving the chairs from the desk and dinning room. You drop off the blankets and head to the bathroom for the towels.

Inside the bathroom, you feel around the linen closet for the fresh towels. You didn't bring a flashlight since the glow from the candles in the main room is enough to light the way. But the bathroom itself it still pretty dark. Only the softest glow can be seen through the doorway. You find a stack of towels and start loading them in your left arm when you hear a noise and feel the presence of someone behind you.

"Here, can you take these?" You say to your friend, passing the towels to her. Her hand cups yours during the exchange and you realize it isn't her hand. The hand resting on top of yours is decidedly more masculine. You turn sideways to see who it is, but you can't make out who the figure beside you belongs to. The shadow definitely is that of a man. "Sorry, I thought you were my friend."

The figure steps closure to you and leans in towards your face. You're slightly uneasy at the closeness between yourself and the as yet to be identified member of BIGBANG. He shuffles the towels from your hands, setting them down on the counter and then steps in as close to you as possible. He holds your hand and pulls you into him as he leans his face down to your ear.

"I hope to be more than just your friend." He whispers.

H O L Y S H I T!!! Your BIGBANG secret admirer is standing in front of you, holding your hand, whispering in your ear, and you have no idea who it is. You are not prepared for this moment. You're mind is racing but you can't seem to find any words to say. You stare at the figure in front of you, trying to make out any identifying detail. 'Why didn't I bring a flashlight???'

"Who are... you?" You manage to force the words from your mouth. At that instant a flash of lightening illuminates the hallway and into the bathroom. The figure shies away from the light, dropping your had in favor of blocking his face with his arm. 'Is that-?' You question if you saw correctly, but he's out the door and down the hallway before you can get a better look. You dart into the hallway to chase after him, but he's nowhere to be seen. 'Where the hell did he go?'

Out in the living room, everyone is busy working on the fort... Every member of BIGBANG is preoccupied with some aspect of the construction... EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Seungri has placed the couch cushions on their ends to make walls and is reinforcing them with chairs. GD has pulled the dining table over and is draping a fitted sheet over top, Taeyang is inside the fort area, securing the roof blanket that has just gone up over him, Daesung and TOP are both on their knees trying to figure out the best way to use the coffee table.

They all look as if they have been there all along. So what just happened in the bathroom? Did it happen at all? Maybe it didn't. Maybe it's just your mind playing tricks on you. With the storm raging and your nerves the way they are, may you did imagine it. But then, you realize you're gripping something inside your hand. Something you didn't even know was there until this instant.

Uncurling your fingers, you see a small, folded up piece of paper. You look at the group busy making the fort, then back to the paper in your hands. Whichever one of them it was must have slipped it into your hand back in the bathroom. You catch yourself smiling at the thought.

You take a few steps back down the hall in order to put distance between yourself and the group. You pick the folded paper out of your palm with you other hand and unfold the edges.

You are beautiful.

You blush, bringing your hand up to cover the gigantic smile on your face. You can't believe one of them thinks you're beautiful.

Alright folks, it's results time again... time to break more hearts.

Today's result key is a little more complicated than the previous ones so pay close attention.

The formula is as follows:

Eliminated member/Elimated member (these are the two members who you previously eliminated).

+type of light you chose = next member to be eliminated


So, if you previously eliminated TOP and Taeyang and you chose the candles, GD is not your secret admirer. Got it?

If you previously lost:


+ Candles = GD is out

+ Flashlight = Seungri is out

+ Lantern = Daesung is out


+ Candles = Seungri is out

+ Flashlight = TOP is out

+ Lantern = GD is out


+ Candles = TOP is out

+ Flashlight = GD is out

+ Lantern = Taeyang is out


+ Candles = Taeyang is out

+ Flashlight = Daesung is out

+ Lantern = TOP is out


+ Candles = Daesung is out

+ Flashlight = Taeyang is out

+ Lantern = Seungri is out


+ Candles = GD is out

+ Flashlight = Taeyang is out

+ Lantern = Seungri is out


+ Candles = TOP is out

+ Flashlight = Daesung is out

+ Lantern = GD is out


+ Candles = Taeyang is out

+ Flashlight = Seungri is out

+ Lantern = TOP is out


+ Candles = Daesung is out

+ Flashlight = GD is out

+ Lantern = Taeyang is out


+ Candles = Seungri is out

+ Flashlight = TOP is out

+ Lantern = Daesung is out

So, that means you should only have two BIGBANG members left in the running to be your secret admirer.

Let me know in the comments, which two you still have left.

Since we are nearing the end of The BIGBANG Dating Game, I'd like you to comment below with your vote for what you'd like me to do next. The options are a BTS themed dating game, OR fan fiction.

In closing, I would just like to thank you all for your patience and for bearing with me while I struggled to get this card up due to my crazy work schedule over the holidays. You all are awesome and I and grateful for your patience.


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