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Lee min ho visits Hong Kong for 30 hours'' ~~ Korean Drama BOF’s Lee Min Ho will attend an event of the beauty brand innisfree this afternoon. Though he arrived in Hong Kong a day in advance, due to his busy schedule, he would stay in Hong Kong for around 30 hours then head to Shanghai for another event. Yesterday around 100 fans greeted him at the airport. Some fans even volunteered to be a press member or want to get a ticket in order to attend the event and meet him. Yesterday Lee Min Ho’s flight was delayed for a short time and arrived Hong Kong in the evening. There were fans holding banners & signs to greet him at the airport passage. Apart from students, there were some “lady” fans waiting there too. Some even said that they were from the mainland or Taiwan. Fans were in orderly manner, there’s no chaotic situation even there were only less than 10 security guards. Lee Min Ho dressed casually and wears a pair of sunglasses when arrived. Just like the other Korean stars, he left the airport through the VIP passage. Though he appeared for less than 30 seconds, he stopped and greeted his fans & media and also received gifts from fans. He was very friendly and waved goodbye to media again before getting into the car. After Lee Min Ho’s car left, many fans said he left too quickly, some even said they didn’t see his face clearly. There were fans volunteered to the press in order to meet his idol again at the event to be held at HKCEC today After the event today, Lee Min Ho will fly to Shanghai directly. He is expected to arrive Pudong International Airport at 11pm, and prepare for the unveiling ceremony of his wax figure at Madame Tussauds. Thus his stay in Hong Kong is merely 30 hours. April 18, 2013 (thursday) (c) owners ^^

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