Merry Christmas! 🌲

Here are my 2 top kpop groups!

SS501! First kpop group i ever listened to! love them all especially leader Kim Hyun Joong! Triple S forever!

Big Bang! The first song i listened to from them was 'monster'. After that song i started to get more familiar with the members and became a VIP!

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day and im sorry for uploading soooo late. mianae ,mianae (not sure if i spelled sorry ,correct) Anyway Happy Holidays!

💚 SS501/301 & Big Bang 👑 ❤ BTS? currently trying to survive from those 7 dorks KHJ•KKJ | T.O.P Jin? Namjoon? Jungkook? V? J-Hope? Jimin? Suga?╥.╥
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