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J-Hope- Winter Show.

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"Jagiya~" I hear my boyfriend, Hoseok call. "Jagiya~~!" He calls. I put my book down on my lap and looked over at the adorable man. He was looking at me with puppy eyes. He obviously wanted something. "What is is, Hobi?" I asked, smiling at his cuteness. "Jagiya~!" He climbed up and wrapped around my upper body, hugging me. His head was on mine and his legs were intertwined with mine. "You're bored, aren't you?" I ask him. I feel him nod on the crown of my head. "What would you like to do?" I ask. He takes his head off mine. "Maybe we could go to a movie?" I suggest. "How about we go to the movie in the park? They are showing Christmas movies and serving hot cocoa!" He muses. "But it's cold outside. And it's supposed to snow tonight." I tell him. "We can bring blankets! Come on, jagiya~." He pouts. He knows I can't resist him when he calls me jagiya. I sigh and shake my head. "Fine. But if I get sick, you're taking care of me." I tell him; standing up and heading to the door. He smiles brightly and follows. We both put on out shoes and coats. I start to wrap my scarf but Hoseok takes it from my hands and wraps it for me. I look up at him and smile. He smiles back and kisses my forehead. "Ready? He asks. "Wait!" I ran to the bedroom. HOSEOK'S POV: I watched as (Y/N) ran to the bedroom. I adjusted my hat and waited for her. She ran back with a large wool blanket. I laughed. "Almost forgot about it." She smiled. I loved her smile. "Yeah. That would of been bad if we forgot the blanket." I nodded. "Okay. Now I'm ready to go." She said. I smiled and opened the door, allowing her out first. She walks out and I follow. We start to make our way to the park where the movies were being shown. We talked about the movies we wanted to see. When we arrived, we saw everyone gathered on blankets on the grass. I spotted an open spot and ran over there. I laid on the grass and spread out my legs and arms. She walked over and looked down at me; an amused expression on her face. "What did you do that for, Hobi?" She asked. "I had to save our spot!" I say like it's obvious. She laughs and shakes her head. "Can you please move? I have to roll out the blanket." She asks. I stand up and dust off the grass on my jacket. She sees me and laughs at me. I love making her laugh. Her laugh is so cute. She unfolded the blanket and laid it down on the grass. She kneels down next to it and straightens it. I lay down on it and pull her down with me. She squeals silently. "Hobi, what are you doing?" She asked, into my chest. "I'm hugging you. I like warm hugs." I say. "Seriously?" She looks up at me and shakes her head. I laugh at her annoyance. Suddenly, everyone goes quiet. We look up and see the projector screen light up. "The movies starting." I hear someone mutter. (Y/N) sits up and I do the same. We watched as the beginning credits started to roll. It was The Polar Express. "I love this movie." Her expression brightens. "Yeah!" I muse. We watch the movie together and it starts getting darker. The Christmas lights Tha were set up around us lit up and looked like a million little stars. (Y/N) wraps her arms around herself. I figured she was getting cold. "Would you like some hot cocoa?" I point to a noona handing out hot cocoa. "Sure~" She smiles. I stand up and head over to the lady. "Excuse me?" I say. "Yes, honey?" She asks with a warm smile. "May I have two cups of cocoa?" I ask. She nods kindly and pours the cups. She hands them to me. "Now be careful. They are quite hot." The noona warns. "I will be." I nod. I walk back to where (Y/N) is sitting. "I come bearing cocoa." I joke. She smiles and takes the cup I hold out to her. I sit next to her. "Now be careful, its..." "Ow!" She yelps. She sits her cup down and holds her hand over her mouth. "" I place my cup down. I look at her. "My lip." She says. "Show me?" I ask. She takes her hand away and her top lip is a bit red. I touch it with cold index finger, she winces. "Maybe this will help." I say, just before kissing her gently. YOUR POV: Hoseok kissed me gently. I gasp slightly at the contact. His cold lips against mine. I sighed at the relief and kissed him back; bringing my gloved hand to his cheeks. He pulls away and leans his forehead against mine. "All better?" He asks. "Much better." I smile. He nods. I sit next to him again and lean against him. He wraps his arms around me and hugs me gently. "I love you so much, (Y/N)." He sighs. "I love you too, Hobi." I look up at him. He smiles and looks back at the movie. I do the same. I drift off to sleep in Hoseok's warm embrace. "Merry Christmas." was the last thing I heard him say before drifting to sleep.

First off, I like to talk. A lot. Its fun. Uhh.....I like kpop and dramas. I'm currently watching some really good ones at the moment. I write fanfictions, purely because I have nothing better to do. I'm a fetus; meaning I am young. Maybe we can be friends? Just ask. •﹏•
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