BTS Would You Rather - Day 1

@MadAndrea thanks for condensing the questions to one picture!! source: dramatic-and-thematic for questions & @MadAndrea for making the picture

Day 1 Would you rather disappoint Jin or break J-Hope's heart? *sighs* Why couldn't this have been something less gut wrenching???? I'm gonna throw this out there that there is no good option here on the one that makes it less painful (for me). I pick......................

Hobi I would rather break this ray of sunshine's heart than have Jin be disappointed in me for even a minute. I should know that the end result of this would probably be momma Jin still being disappointed in me, but....I just I can't. I have to believe that breaking Hobi's heart is because one of my bffs loves him and I can't have him. Must shut him out before I fall for that face! *side note his antics really are too much and he's slowly winning.*

I know Jin! I know! I'm so horrible and I already regret my choice, but I can't be a disappointment to you. I can't stand the *mom look*. I get that look enough from my own mom. Please forgive me!!! *wails in the corner*

BTS ARMY ♡ Jungkook is life :) Yoongi is inspiration, NamJoon is life goals, Hobi is my hope :), Tae is my baby, Jin is my chef, and Jimin....well Jimin just wrecks my entire bias list on a constant daily basis...... :) ooh well yes 'Girl Meets...' equals shots fired at Big Hit I see you there
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