EXO Imagines [Byun Baekhyun] (2/12)

I go into the fine arts building and all the lights are off. Who would be at this building at 9 at night? This girl! I put the key in the locket and walk into the building. The band directors know me so well they gave me a spare key into the building so I can come anytime I want. As I'm walking towards my room, I hear a soft melody and a beautiful voice. Peaking through the open door and I see the back of a man and he's singing. The beat and his voice seems to go mix really well. The boy then stops singing and he turns leaving me surprised. I fall forward and land on the floor. Quickly regaining my composure I stand up too quickly, blood rushes and I feel a bit dizzy. I look up at the man and sees that it's no other than Byun Baekhyun. My eyes widened and I stand up straight and I bow. "I'm sorry.." I say, and before he responds I run to my office and get in. I slid down the door as I close it. My heart is going as fast as a horse on steroids, I aprublty get up and walk towards my instruments when I hear a knock. I slowly walk to the door debating whether to open the door or to pretend I'm not here. I open the door a little bit and there standing is Baekhyun. Who else would be at the building at 10 pm? No one. She opens the door and allows Baekhyun to walk inside. "Wow" he says as he looks at all the instruments. He walks toward the piano as I walk to my desk to get my camera and lenses. I turn on the camera and check how much memory she has left. As she's doing that Baekhyun tries to play the piano but really, he has no idea what he's doing. I laugh to myself and realizes that Baekhyun looks so picture perfect. As the camera loads, it turns to the 'take a picture' screen. I make sure the flash is off and snap two photos of him. Baekhyun doesn't take notice until I laugh. I walk over to him and I sit next to him on the piano. "What are you trying to do?" I ask him. "Anything. I've always wanted to play piano but I never got to learn." He said. "I can help you if you want?" "Really!? That'll be nice!" "When would you like to start?" I ask him as I place my fingers on the keys. "Right now?" He said as he looked at my fingers. I smiled at him while nodding. "Why you were peaking in my room while I was singing?" "I uh.. I'm sorry.. I don't know.. you have a nice voice though.." I scratched the back of my head nervously. Baekhyun starts laughing, "It's okay! Don't worry about it. I've peaked in on you when you play an instrument s-... did I just say that out loud?" I giggle at him. "Oh my God. Well we're both creeps then." He smiled and said, "Yeah well maybe after this.. you'd like to do something together?" "Yeah I'd really like that." "Here give me your number." "You sound like such a creep! I'm sorry, I had to!" "Yah!" ~~The Next Week~~ "Aish! I can't do this anymore!" Baekhyun yelled. "Yah! This isn't even the hard part! Its really easy! The black keys represent whether it's going to be sharp or flat! So if you click on this black key-" *clicks on a black key- "it is C♯and D♭they're basically the same thing." I said. Baekhyun put his head down and sighed. I touched his back and said, "Hey, you'll get it alright? You seem pretty distracted. Is something wrong?" I felt him sigh again and he picked up his head and sat up straight. He looked at me and said, "I guess I'm a bit distracted, but I don't think it matters." "Baek, you can tell me. What's going on?" Baekhyun looked at his fingers as he started fumbling with them and with a voice barely above a whisper he said, "I guess I'm just scared of losing someone I love." I looked at him, not sure what he meant. I thought for a moment.. "You know, if you love someone, you should fight for them, Just know keep in mind if its worth it or not. Why do you feel like you're going to lose them?" "She probably loves someone else and I mean, I stare at the mirror and point out so many imperfections and flaws that I-" I cut him off with a hug and I said, "Byun Baekhyun. You're fucking perfect. If this girl doesn't appreciate you then she doesn't know what she's missing." I smiled sadly trying to pretend like it didn't hurt. I fell for him but I guess it's okay. He hugged me back and muffled out a 'Thank You' as he buried his face into my neck. I tried not to laugh since that's my sensitive spot. In the end I giggled. Neither of us moved as we just embraced each other. I don't want to move and I'm pretty sure he feels the same way. My phone rang and my cursed under my breath. I removed one arm from Baekhyuns neck and reached for my phone. At the same time Baek hugged me tighter and I felt my heart beat faster. I looked at my phone and saw that Kai was calling me. I picked up the phone. K; Hey! Do you know where Baekhyun is? Me; He's- Baekhyun made signs as if to say that he's not here. Me; not here. I thought he was with you guys? K; Oh, well if you see him let him know that we're looking for him. Well Suho is. He missed out at practice and Suho is pretty mad. Me; Oh Sh- Ouch! K; Are you okay? What happened? Me; I.. uh.. I got bit by an ant on my finger.. K; An ant? Uh okay. I know you're with Baekhyun so.. Anyways, go home already! ~He hung up~ My eyes widened at this. "Yah! Why'd you bite me!?" I yelled at Baekhyun after the phone call. "You cussed." He shrugged. "So, if I cuss you bite me?" "Pretty much." "Well shit.... Ouch!" "You're trying to eat me aren't you?" I asked. "Or something." I raised an eyebrow even though his face was still nuzzled into my neck. "Well anyways, we should be going now. I can't spend another night at your house just because you were scared of the movie." "Yah! It wasn't scary! I just didn't want you to get kidnapped or raped like in the movie.." "Well time to go home anyways. Is anyone going to pick you up?" I asked. "I texted Chanyeol, and he should be here soon." "Well let's get out of the building then." We locked everything up and walked outside. After a while he said, "I had fun. I realized something too." I looked at him, the wind blowing his hair away from his face. "What did you realize?" I asked. He smiled and looked back at me. "Remember when you said, ' if you love someone, you should fight for them'?" I thought for a moment.. "Ah, yes! Why?" "I realized, this person is worth a lot. And this person is already mine so.. I don't think I have to fight for what's mine right? I mean, she's mine." "So cocky huh? Then go get her. I'm going to laugh if you get rejected" I laughed. "I will." He placed his arm on my waist and brought me closer to him and overall hugged me. My body stiffened and my arms hung loosely at my sides. "I like you. I really do. This isn't going to be cliché to where I have to kiss you because I'm pretty sure it's getting old, but I'm pretty sure a hug is a lot better. Especially since today is cold and I read that when you hug you share body heat so- I'm sorry I'm getting off track. Anyways, I really do like you. Will you be officially mine?"

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