Natsu can't be put up with any fire opponent.

If you guys didn't know, Natsu Dragneel is a Dragon Slayer. He EATS any fire. Black flames, Gold flames, Original Flames, and even explosives. He can't be put up against a guy that makes explosives or shoots fire. Goku would put up a good fight against Natsu, but if Goku uses Spirit bomb or Kamehameha or any of his moves, Natsu could just dodge and eat the flames. Other people put Natsu with too many characters that causes fire. But Natsu don't think well in a fight but when it comes to a fire opponent he would win. Natsu vs Zancrow, he had "God flames" which was hard to control, but Natsu is a Dragon Slayer that eats fire so when it comes to fire he thinks fast and knows what to do. When he was trapped in Zancrow's flames, Natsu emptied his fire and replaced it with Zancrow's flames. I mean come on who would be smart enough to think fast like that. But anyways, just stop comparing Natsu to people who are weak and people that causes explosives or makes fire. It's useless..

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