Snapseed Review: Best picture editing app?

Definitely, photography is loved by all. Some like taking photos, and some like to be the subject of photos. But, we can't always find the perfect camera or the perfect lighting for our pictures, can we? That's why we have apps like Adobe Photoshop, Cymera, PhotoGrid and hundreds more to make our pictures look much better on our phone. So here's the review of Snapseed, My favorite editing app on iOS and Android.

This is a a picture I clicked in Paris near the Eiffel Tower. It seemed pretty fine to me, until I decided to make it better.

See it? Nicer, isn't it? I changed the sides and also brightened it up, along with adding the right amount of contrast with a bit of extra focus. I got options like ambience setting and shadows, which can make the picture very appealing.

Adding filters and adjusting exposure and details is not a biggy. Snapseed makes you edit photos to give them a real professional look.

The UI is very appealing, and makes it very easy to use.

You can take care of each detail and make your picture as you want through this app. It gives you tons of options and it's a bliss to see the before and after change.

VERDICT This is a must have app on every device. Best photo editing app I have come across in iOS and Android. I hope this review was useful for you guys. Let me know what you think of Snapseed and this review!

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