the night everything changed pt2


you had not realized that you had stopped till you found yourself being pulled out of the car. When jimin through you in his car your head had hit the back window with so much force that it caused you to black out. Taehyung was giggling at your confusion as jimin grabbed you and carried you through the rusted doors of an abandoned building. Jongkook ran over to a tall blond hared man and asked “hyung aren't you proud of us now we got the girl. I know we have messed up in the past but we did good didn't we?” the blond hared man looked at jimin who was sitting you down on the couch “did you really have to knock her out?” you were moaning in pain and your temple was bleeding slightly. Jimn looked at the man with a tarifyed look in his eyes “sorry hyung she was resisting so much that's why I have this big scratch on my neck.” the blond man sighed in anger “jimin why cant you just bring one of them here contous?” that is when j-hope had walked in “what did jiminey do wrong this time nomjoon?” the blond shook his head and said “ just take her to the bed room with jimin, tae and jongkook and call me when she fully wakes up okay.” you started to look around the room with blurred vision and got the sudden aerge to throw up. You shot up and began running to find a bath room when you ran into nomjoon. You both fell and as soon as you hit the floor you began to throw up. Luckily you didn't vomit on him or else you would have been dead right there. At first he was furious but seeing how much pain you were in caused his anger to subside the slightest little bit. When you had gained some stability and stopped up chucking you weakly asked him “why are you and jimin and the others doing this to me?” He began to chuckle “ well y/n do you ever wonder what you brother dose in his spare time?” you snap your head around to him in shock and fear “how do you know my name and how do you know my brother?” he sighed and rubbed your back to try to comfort you but you flinch at his touch and screamed “don't touch me who are you and what is this place?” He stood up leaving you on the floor. The others had came in wondering what the screaming was about. Jongkook spoke up” well his name is Kim nomjoon and this orange haired boy right here is Kim taehyung and the goofy one is j-hope and I'm jeon jongkook. And we are part of the BTS gang and nomjoon is our leader.” you scanned over every one of them taking in their scared faces and the pin like scars on taehyungs arms that were obviously form drug use. Nomjoon looked at you with an irritated expression “haven't you been wondering why your brother is in the hospital? Well I can tell you I shot him.” you began to scream “ why why my yoongi oppa what did he have to do with this tell me!” nomjoon kicked you and said harshly he blabbed his mouth to you.”

okay sorry this took so long guys. i had just gotten a computer and i found out my sister is pregers so yea ill do my tagging @merryjayne13@Taylor1Wright@amandamuska@thePinkPrincess@DestinaByrd@justcallmekyki@VKookie47@Emeaila@Kyokeo@drummergirl691@evieevelyn@AnimeLove300@AdrielCarcamo@BlasianBabyDoll@KatieRussell@syodii@xojuliettexox@RaqelArredondo@Mischief1ng@malibella@Tracylynnn@KpopGaby@Kat121@Kpopandkimchi@aleeejandraaa@KaiTakashima@DesireeChucklez@VixenViVi@Mercii@Katiems@ILikeHisFace123@Bitterlimelight@tinaechle@LauraEspinoza@MalihaAhamed@SarahVanDorn@TesneemElAlami@DreaG1518@staceyholly@FalseLove@funfunbunbun@jessicaacosta90@taisiakaps90 if i forgot to tag you just message me like always

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