BTS Challenge

I've seen this on tumblr and I've been wanting to do it! Thanks@KellyOConnor for tagging me! I think it was started by@LilySilver !

I'm going to do like@KellyOConnor and do all mine in one card too!

1. Disappoint Jin or break J-Hope's heart?

Uh disappoint Jin duh. I couldn't break someones heart, it would break my heart to do so. Plus I could always apologize to Jin.

2. Touch Jimin's abs or re-dye V's hair?

I'd probably touch Jimin's abs even though that'd be a bit weird. Taehyung's hair doesn't need to be dyed again, I don't want to ruin it. Although I really did like his orange hair.

3. Fight Jungkook or Suga?

Probably Suga because eventually I think we'd both get tired and just stop lol.

4. Tell Jimin he's beautiful or Jin he's not boring?

I'd rather tell Jin he's not boring. Jimin already knows he's sexy so I'd rather put a smile on Momma Jin's face.

5. Fight J-Hope or V?

Idk on this one. V is too mysterious for me he may be hiding some nice moves. I think I'll take on J-Hope, but then again he's a very good dancer. This one is hard! But I'll stick with J-Hope.

6. Dance off with RapMon or Jungkook?

Uh Namjoon because I can't dance and at least we'd both look ridiculous together!

7. Kiss J-Hope or give Jungkook his first hickey?

I'd kiss J-Hope because well I'd hate to leave a bad impression on Jungkook. Plus I doubt he's as innocent as we think, but honestly I don't know. It's none of my business if he is or not.

8. Punch Jin or Suga?

I'd lightly punch Suga, I could never punch Momma Jin!

9. Take away Suga's swag or RapMon's jams?

I'd take away Namjoon's jams so Jimin could tease about being jamless in return for being teased about being Jamless Jimin. XD

10. Shave RapMon's head or break J-Hope's cheek bone?

Uh what kind of question is this? Sorry Joonie but your hair's going to have to go. I'm certainly not breaking any bones!

11. Party with RapMon or perform onstage with Jimin?

Well if Jimin and I had a decent act to perform onstage then I'd pick perform on stage with Jimin. But if I looked like an absolute idiot onstage in front of all those people I'd hide in a hole for the rest of my life. If I didn't do decent at practice before the onstage performance then I'd party it up with RapMon.

12. Have Jin mommy or innocent Jungkook find your blog?

Well like I said earlier I don't know if Jungkook is as innocent as we think he is. I'd choose Jungkook, I mean the worst he would see is pictures of N from VIXX.

13. Rather have Jikook or NamJin for parents?

Probably NamJin because Jin is already a natural at taking care of six kids. Plus Namjoon is bilingual and I want to be bilingual too!

14. Ask Jimin or Jin anything you want?

Jimin because Jin already has a lot on his plate with the six other kids. Jimin is my bias from BTS so I would love to talk with him. Plus he's my age.

15. Cuddle with Suga or go to a carnival with V?

Cuddle with Suga because I'm lazy and he's lazy. Sorry TaeTae, even though you are my bias wrecker.

16. Take RapMon to a Kanye West concert or Jungkook to a 1D concert?

This is so hard! I like more 1D songs than Kanye West songs so sorry Namjoon. Plus 1D comes to my city more often than Kanye does.

17. Married to J-Hope or Jungkook?

Jungkook because he's adorable. I'm not sure if he's legal yet but if he is then I'm okay with it. For some reason I only see J-Hope as the brother type. I would love to have him as a brother!

18. Rather have Jin or Jimin as your personal motivator?

Jimin simply because of the whole stomach thing he said a while back. You know about his abs becoming a lovely belly. He wasn't negative about it all and I need some of that!

19. Rather dance with J-Hope or V at 5am across the floor in fuzzy socks?

Taehyung because he's crazy cool and I think it'd be so fun to dance with him!

@KokoroNoTakara@ScYrRyL36@alohadaine@Ercurrent@EmilyGardner You guys should do this too!

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