Golden air new plot line

Jin- 23 the oldest 1st air in the family he's sweet like a older brother something that summi loved about him but is it real. Suga-22 the second oldest son he's cold looking but big hearted but doesn't seem that way. Jhope: 21the 3rd oldest........ that's it just the threed oldest Rapmon:21 the fourth oldest gives wise info and helps summi out but is it a good thing?. Taehyung: 19 the alien he's like a 5 year old but acts like a 20 year old around summi two words he tempts.... jimin: 19 summi best friend is adorable and fun and sticks up for summi. Like a little sister Jungkook - the youngest his dreams and goals are unknown but when he meets summi. Everything might change. thanks to@AudreyJelly for making me want to write again lol how you enjoy Lol my bad

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